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The 1967 Fairbanks flood was followed by more dramatic climatic events.

Shortly after 1967 turned to 1968, we had a winter in which a raging blizzard deposited 16 feet of new snow in the Fairbanks area.

We thought it had to be the end of it. Weather is forecast to be moderate. But no, Mother Earth isn’t done with us yet. He’s got one more nastiness for us.

The coldest time of year in Fairbanks comes in January and usually lasts a week or so. This winter the bottom of the thermometer fell in mid-December and for the next 45 days the temperature did not rise above 45 below zero. Some days it chills about 60 to 75 below zero.

At one time, a blanket of icy fog made traveling by car a very dangerous affair. One of the most traveled roads from Fairbanks to the College and beyond, to the west and north of the city following the Chena River for several miles.

It’s a two-lane, winding road that’s never the easiest to walk on even in the best of weather. In the icy fog it is dangerous. The icy fog became so thick it was almost impossible to see beyond a few feet, and windshield wipers were needed to keep the windshield clean. I drove one of the last few cars to cross before the road was closed for that duration.

When the fog lifted 12 days later a tow truck was required to clear the road before it could be opened to traffic. In one place 10 vehicles piled end to end with some of them a few meters from the road, almost on the river. They followed each other’s taillights and when the leader got out of the way around the corner, the others followed right behind. Luckily no one was hurt as the speed was reduced to crawling. There have been cases of frostbite that occurred when vehicle passengers had to walk about a mile before they found a home where they could escape the sub-zero temperatures.

Over the next few months the weather slowly began to moderate. I’ve periodically checked weather patterns in Alaska and haven’t seen a repeat of the 1968 blizzard, or any lasting super cold temperatures.

Normal snowfall and winter temperatures appear to have returned to the northern weather system. But knowing what kind of match Nature can pull off, I wouldn’t have missed it hitting Fairbanks, and God only knows where else, with more surprises.

It seems that the more we think we know about the world God created and the ravages of sin, the blinder we become. This weather is suitable so that nature will be really bad for the last seven years of this Earth’s existence. Check out the Book of Revelation and learn what the actual changes in the weather look like when God is fed up with mankind’s rebellion.

PS All the climate change laws and regulations that Biden and the other extreme left are trying to implement won’t do anything climate wise. What they’re really trying to do is put the average American into the chain of central government.

If they have their way, you will work when and where they tell you. You will live and dress according to their orders. Your diet will be under control. Every aspect of your life will be governed.

This is what the far left climate dictators want. We used to call this kind of government communism, socialism, and fascism.

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