Qasmidrian, “Super Cheyenne” in the cage of Nautic Club Angérien

However, he came to this sport somewhat by chance. He was discovered as a good swimmer by the Association of Sports Talents in Tehran, and it was his father who pushed him to take up water polo. He will choose to be a guardian. “It’s a very important position, as you can see the whole match. I’m not tall for a goalkeeper. I had to work a lot to be stronger, to make up for my size. From the U12 category, he is participating in the Iranian championship with his club Azadi in Tehran. Then he joined the national team. The Iranian, at the age of seventeen, participated in the world championships with him.

Arriving at Mulhouse in 2019

In 2016, he participated in the Asian Championship with his country and finished on the podium. But “My best medal was in 2018 at the Asian Games. We won the bronze medal over China, and it was the first time we won the bronze. It was also the first time I was the first goalkeeper in the first team!”

“Transferring my experience and knowledge is important.”

In 2019, Shayan Ghasemidaryan decided to join Mulhouse “to improve myself, because the standard of play is much better in France. Living there, I understood that France was a true republic where freedom, equality and brotherhood are not empty words. That’s why I want to stay there. The following year, he joined To his anglic manpower to delight the masses, who appreciated his decisive saves, his composure from the penalty spot and his outings, sometimes risky but generally successful.

“When I arrived at the NCA, there was Covid and confinement after a few months. During this period, I took the opportunity to learn French by video and finish my degree in sports sciences that I had started in Iran. I now have a French equivalent!”

“I like to train”

Participating in his club life, the National Team 1 goalkeeper has earned his lifeguard certification as he is training to become an athletic swimming coach. “I would like to train the youth team next season. I already did it in Mulhouse with the girls. Because for Shayan Qassemedarian, “the transfer of my experience and knowledge is important.” Under the supervision of Virginie Dubis, he also voluntarily participates in the ministerial programs “I am learning to swim” and “ Classes bleues”.

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