Putin’s patient: rumor or tumor?

By Regis Ginty and Michael Rubin (Proekt)


Vladimir Putin’s health may be a state secret, but Moscow questions his absence and silence.

Among the group that accompanies Vladimir Putin abroad, one person is responsible for collecting his natural waste and transporting it to Moscow. everybody. This is the evidence, unnoticed, that his feces and urine contain important information … for the future of the world. Lots of effects of possible treatments to camouflage. We heard about this “harvest” in October 2019, after Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

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Indirect sources in the Middle East told us that the exact mission was carried out under the control of the FSO, the Federal Protection Service, which is responsible for the security of Russian officials. The agent had to put Putin’s droppings in the pockets designated for this, so as not to leave any traces and return everything to the country in a special bag. Absolute secrecy and extreme pressure to silence Russian embassy staff. This practice had already taken place during Putin’s visit to France on May 29, 2017, the day Emmanuel Macron received his Russian counterpart at Versailles.

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The public appearances of Vladimir Putin, but also and above all the five multi-day “disappearances” since 2012 that we have counted, indicate that the old man now – he will turn 70 on October 7 – was no longer healthy last year. During his interview with his defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, on April 23, he appeared to be sinking in his shoulders, holding the table with his right hand, for the entire 12 minutes of the interview broadcast. Putin wore the face of a man in severe pain. Then the rumors spread: multiple cancers, including “advanced stage” (the White House denied receiving such information), Parkinson’s disease, intractable back pain, cortisone treatment …

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What’s next for this ad?

It is known that in 2012 Putin suffered from back pain. He started limping seriously.

Last year, the sports chief indulged in a rare confession, evoking a mysterious fall from a horse: “It turns out that the horse was standing in front of the parapet and I did a somersault, a real somersault, boom!” Wrong adventure he reduced by specifying that he fell on sawdust, a mattress “very comfortable” “. The accident was said to have occurred during his first term. He must have been bedridden for some time. Is he still suffering from the consequences? Were there others? One certainty: One of them was very dangerous.

It is known that in 2012 Putin suffered from back pain. He started limping seriously. Evil was first observed at the APEC Asia-Pacific Summit. The president then refrained from traveling for months, while the Kremlin protocol was instructed not to extend any of his appointments more than an hour. Duration was limited, at the Bolshoi Theater a concert was organized on the occasion of the bicentenary of the victory over Napoleon. On November 4, 2012, National Unity Day, state television channels had to double their imaginations so as not to broadcast images of Vladimir Putin limping laying flowers on a monument from Red Square with Patriarch Kirill. The Kremlin website that day only published the photos. But the Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church, knowing the reason, will publish the video on the Internet without cutting, thus revealing a weak man. That bad fall off the horse?

Left : 2007. A merry 55-year-old fisherman in the Khemchik River, in the small Republic of Tuva, southern Siberia, on the border with Mongolia. ad. : 2009. Demonstration of Putin’s black belt in judo. The titles of Honorary President and Ambassador of the International Judo Federation will be suspended three days after the invasion of Ukraine.


On several occasions, including at Versailles in 2017, Putin appeared to wear a corset under his jacket. According to our information, he underwent at least two back surgeries. The first at the end of 2017 and the other two years after that, even today, if we are to believe the makeup of the medical teams next to him on those dates: neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists and resuscitators, rehabilitation experts.
Does this rebel explain the president’s discomfort during his last meeting with his defense minister? Some thought they discovered an attempt to mask Parkinson’s disease, in which the hand stuck to the table to prevent it from shaking. Purely speculation. mystery.

Besides information warfare and the intoxication of the intelligence services, a host of clues tend to establish the following diagnosis: Putin has thyroid cancer. Hence the precautions to return his droppings. On April 1, the Russian online media “Proekt” published a long investigation, which confirmed that the head of state was constantly followed by a group of five to twelve doctors. Traumatologists who specialize in injuries of the back and spinal cord, of course, resuscitators and ambulance doctors, but above all specialists in oncologists such as surgeon Yevgeny Silivanov, author of the treatise “Peculiarities of the diagnosis and surgical treatment of elderly and aging patients with thyroid cancer “. Without neglecting the ENT field, with doctors Alexei Shiglov and Igor Isakov, or the “loyal” infectious disease, Yaroslav Protasenko.

A strange coincidence, a platoon of doctors stays in Sochi every time he goes down to his mansion on the Black Sea.

After consulting the Russian public procurement website, “Proekt” revealed that the Central Medical Hospital in Moscow, which treats senior politicians, has signed an agreement with four hotels in Sochi. wait! …Putin spends part of the year in this Black Sea city. The survey shows that the team of doctors almost systematically heads to Sochi when the president is staying in the huge palace he built there. Between 2016 and 2020, Dr. Shiglov traveled to Sochi 59 times, spending 282 days there with Putin, while fellow oncologist Silivanov went there at least 35 times, for 166 days. During the leader’s “disappearance”, the Kremlin and the Russian media filled his absence with “tin cans”, recordings of his speeches broadcast as the facts of the day.

Thyroid cancer is completely treatable. “95% to 98% recovery?” In July 2020 the Russian President inquired of Ivan Didov, head of the National Center for Medical Research in Endocrinology, who was visiting that day. Dedov, the chief of the president’s eldest daughter, a graduate of the medical faculty of Moscow State University, took the opportunity to tell him about the existence of a new and effective hormonal drug. But cancer remains cancer with its possible complications, possible metastases, and a weakened immune system. Hence, perhaps the extraordinary precautions to protect Putin: running the country for two years through videoconferences, remote interviews – whether Emmanuel Macron or his ministers and collaborators – are at the end of the endless tables, quarantines imposed on some foreign visitors, Such as the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.

The legend of the president in good shape is crumbling

This has not prevented Sergei Lavrov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, from declaring recently about TF1, as confidently as when invoking the “de-Nazification” operations in Ukraine, that such rumors are unfounded. “I do not think that anyone with a good head can see any signs of any illness or disease in this person. The indestructible Kremlin press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, also continues to emphasize Putin’s health that Putin’s health is “excellent”. Hearing such blows, One was still at the time of the first decade of the rule of the former spy.The latter showed his athletic body, both on horseback and shirtless river fishing in the taiga, and practiced diving shortly before the Sochi Olympics …

A waste of time, the legend of the president in good shape is crumbling. It seems that Vladimir Putin, who cultivates practices on the edge of ancient medicine and mysticism, such as baths in decoctions made of deer antlers, supposed to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, joins the list of former Russian leaders with health problems. A tradition that pushes senior political leaders, from Stalin to Yeltsin and from Brezhnev to Andropov, to isolate themselves and prefer secrecy, even if it means weakening the state apparatus. Putin hardly travels anymore, it is necessary to scrutinize every official appearance in order to observe the slightest symptoms of evils that might affect him. A task worthy of thanks not so much as a capital, even if his death meant neither the immediate end of the war in Ukraine nor the end of the confrontation between Russia and the West.

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