Paddle to conquer the Algerian coast

Big board, paddle and that’s it. You still have to stand! Paddle, which is still unknown in Algeria, is drowning: his followers love him and their number is increasing every day. Investigation of the new water phenomenon.

Paddle enthusiasts are inexhaustible when it comes to describing the joy their new favorite sport provides.

Still unknown to the general public in Algeria, it has already made its way into the sports arena despite the presence of other water sports (sailing, kayaking, swimming, diving, etc.).

Thus, in a very short period of time, he conquered a group of followers, which, according to the testimonies collected during our investigation, continued to grow in all the coastal cities of the country.

The reason for success?

Easy learning that does not take much time. The skateboard still needs to stand up relatively (the dimensions of the skateboard must be specified), and is thicker and more stable than a mini skateboard. So, within reach…or almost everyone!

Another advantage is that it is accessible to different age groups, both men and women. (Read below all our technical and financial explanations.)

What is rowing?

Stand Up Paddle (SUP), a sliding sport on a board that is propelled by a paddle (paddle). It is very popular for its entertainment and sports side.

There are two main families of sup. There are solid paddles and upright inflatable paddles.

1. Steel paddle

Solid supports come in several varieties. Standard sheet models generally consist of an EPS foam core covered with carbon fiber and epoxy. It is the lightest SUP model, offers moderate durability and is offered at an affordable price. However, there is also another type of hard carbon fiber Sup. Solid state stations have the advantage of providing great performance on the water. They provide higher travel speed and good stability.

2- Inflatable prop

Inflatable SUP is a board that features an all-PVC body. It’s a drop stitch construction that creates an airy core. In general, this type of panel, upon purchase, is delivered with a pump for inflation and a bag for storage.

The inflatable SUP appeals to practicality. Just deflate at the end of the session to free up storage space at home or in the car. This type of panel is also practical on the go because it fits easily in a car trunk or even in a backpack. Inflatable SUPs are also better suited for SUP yoga because they are softer than hard boards.

In addition, there are two main categories of paddle, racing and wave. The former is practiced on flat, stable water, while wave, as its name suggests, is practiced on waves. It should also be noted that it is advisable for practitioners to check the stream to take precautions before descending into the water, says a supervisor from the sliding Casablanca Sports Club.

5 essential accessories for kayaking

SUP paddle: to maneuver your racket

Waterproof Backpack: To carry all your belongings on your outings

The suit: for all your winter outings

Handlebar: To avoid losing the racket

Electric pump: to facilitate inflating the pre-session panel


S’agissant des points de ventes des équipements nécessaires à la pratique du paddle, les plus en vus se trouvent au center commercial de Bab Ezzouar et l’autre à Ardis dans la commune de Mohammadia à Alger, où l’équipementier Décadethlon son propre poss the shop. Moreover, these products are also offered on the Internet, where there are numerous

There are many websites and pages dedicated to this purpose on the web. Prices are set according to board size and level of practice. At Ardis, inflatables for beginners cost between 87,200.00 DA, 78300.00 and 50,900 DA.

The prices displayed on the network are similar to those in the Ardis store.

In addition, the prices of professional equipment are much more expensive and imported from France, according to Nabil Maskeda, a high-level racket athlete, the price of a board ranges from 1,500, 2,000 or even 3,000 euros.

Major international competitions:

After its recent introduction in the country, the racket was not sufficiently regulated to be able to hold competitions worthy of that name.

In addition, among the existing international competitions, we can especially mention:

The Alpine Lakes Tour offers the Léman Crossing, a stand-alone paddle race with a crossing of Lake Geneva, 82 km away.

© DR | Alpine lakes tour one of the rowing competitions in France

The Kelt Ocean Race was held on April 23, 2022 with the wind program at SUP Race, Surfski, Pirogue, Prone and SUP Foil.

Vendée Gliss Event 2022, great international poster for this sixth edition with Sup Race, Downwind and Wing Foil.

The first edition of the Arras Paddle Race was held on May 8, 2022 in Arras.

Alpine lakes tour on the Savières Canal and Lac du Bourget.

How did the paddle arrived in Algeria?

According to the testimonies collected from the people interviewed during this survey, the sport has been introduced to Algeria by Algerian expatriates abroad, particularly in France where the sport is widely practiced. In this regard, Nabil Maskeda, who signed a license with one of the Lyon clubs, explained that the sport knows how to attract many followers for the ease of starting, as well as the entertainment aspect. The same source also confirms that the entertainment aspect takes precedence over the athlete. In this respect, discipline makes it possible to build relationships between followers by meeting on paddle circles.

Nabil Maskeda, “The adrenaline lured me to kayaking”:

A water sports enthusiast, the 32-year-old athlete made a career in surfing before making a change of paddle board. He met in a café in the center of Ain Taya, east of Algiers, the young man of languid physique, cheerful and taking his first steps in the racket, the African champion in sailing.

He says he discovered the sport in 2012 through a group of people who practiced ice skating in Zemmouri, Boumerdes. When asked about the reasons that prompted him to leave his specialty, where he won a continental title and, moreover, an Olympic sport, the same source said that it was about adrenaline. He explains, moreover, that the racket provides a tough competitive edge between competitors. Another heavier reason to choose it is the fact that the sport is easy to practice and available to the general public.

The device’s maneuverability, which requires a backpack to carry the board, allows, according to the spokesperson, to go out for walks and picnics, even in remote corners and enjoy moments of relaxation and escape.

Next, the athlete tells us about his professional experience in a French club in order to improve his level and advance in his new discipline, he explains. Addressing the high prices of those on modest incomes, Nabil believes that the prices are not too expensive in comparison to the pleasure this activity provides to the luxury and inner comfort that money cannot buy. In response to a question regarding the future of sport in Algeria, our interlocutor predicts a glorious future. For him, Algeria is full of talent just waiting to bloom.

Kedar Asmaa, “Rowing Lovers”

From Canada where our conversation followed a paddle trainer training, approved by coach certification, she agreed to provide her testimony about her history with the paddle.

She is 44 years old and works in a public administration, and Asmaa lives only to paddle “I started practicing this sport 5 years ago, when”. She told us: “I first discovered this sport on a beach in Zeralda. I discovered it by chance on a beach in Zeralda.” It was started by the young man who had noticed him rowing. “I was very comfortable on the board, I had a great feeling for the sport, and stood quickly on the board,” she explains, confirming that she spent three on the board from the first contact. Upon contact with the paddle board, I felt very good sensations. She adds that it is a taste of escape and a change of scenery.

After that, Asma got involved in this sport by purchasing equipment to introduce people to rowing. To this end, a page called “Face the Wave” has been launched on social networks to attract new potential followers. “I want to spread this sport and show it to others because of the physical and mental benefits it brings,” she says. The enthusiastic young man made more than 200 people in 9 months. For her, paddle has a great future in Algeria, disproving the idea that it could be a fashion or show for young people. She is categorical in this matter, given that the sport is attracting more and more fans and followers, says the interviewer.

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