Opening of the white water stadium in Epinal

A one-of-a-kind equipment in France, the Whitewater Stadium recently opened in Port Epinal after nine months of operation.

It is possible to kayak and pontoon in the Natur’O vive area (Image credits: GESN)

Called Natur’O, the recreational base is divided into three different activity areas. The Natur’O vive area is therefore dedicated to white water activities such as canoeing, kayaking and rafting, thanks to an artificial waterfall as well as floats, white water swimming or even surfing on an artificial wave. It is also possible to immerse yourself in a paddle boat, pedal boat or electric boat in the tranquil world of Natur’O. Finally, visitors can ride mountain bikes, electric bikes, tandem bikes, and fat bikes in the Natur’O Bike Zone.

Golby Epinal St Nabord
The new facilities should contribute to the development of the Golbey-Epinal-Saint-Nabord Club (Image credits: GESN)

The Epinal whitewater course is built in the shape of a 250-meter U-shaped basin and is fitted with a pumping station made up of three Archimedes screws that allow water to rise from the Moselle to the starting basin. Respecting aquatic animals, this system works on demand and adapts to all levels by delivering three different flow rates of water density at 4, 8 and 12 cubic meters per second. Whitewater Stadium is also equipped with a conveyor belt to bring boats from Moselle. The stadium includes a concrete area and another with natural stone at its end, where platforms have been erected parallel to accommodate spectators. Several crossings were also established to facilitate the access of pedestrians and vehicles to the stadium meadow.

Nature'O . Base
The Epinal white water stadium is a unique facility in France (Image credits: Drone Vosges)

The construction of the Whitewater Stadium became essential to the development of the Golby-Epinal-Saint-Nabord Club. It will make it possible to host national and international kayak competitions. It also uses its technical platform to train firefighters to intervene in flooded areas. Finally, it should be noted that the equipment, representing an investment of 5.7 million euros, made it possible to create four full-time jobs.

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