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OCKA is not resting on its laurels. A present on the National Club podium for ten years, Auxerrois intends to stay there and they reminded everyone this weekend of 9-10 April 2022 in Libourne. With the French long-distance championships officially kicking off the 2022 season, Mikael Orto’s teammates have won 17 medals, including nine titles. “It’s excellent, above what I thought with satisfaction in all categories,” tastes the Auxerre coach.

As is often the case, OCKA was able to count on its headlines. Despite the national selections approach, international players have taken their place as titles Cyril Carré (K1), Eugenie Durange (C1) and Margot Mayet (K1). “Of the big boys, out of four singles titles, we take three, it’s the first time,” Mikael Orto enthuses. “Those who play the international have not made any special preparations, but they are already there.”

Promising for sprint season

The youngest members of the Auxerre Collegiate were not left out in the Gironde waters with a double for Paul-Arthur Videira and Titouan Ceschin in the K1 juniors, as well as Latifa Arrais and Alyzée Videira in the K1 juniors, also titled with Lucie Sala and Marie Nicolas in K4. “For the youngsters, it’s excellent both in individual seats and in crews. Each time, they win by leading the entire race from start to finish, they are really offensive, and they are starting to believe in it,” supports Mikaël Ortu, also happy with Lily’s victorious debut Brée in paracanoe.

Greater satisfaction, as upon closer examination, Auxerre Festival in the background indicates a promising sprint season. “We’ve had confirmation that they’re going strong and going the distance, so it’s all there for the 500m,” concludes the OCKA coach.

17 OCKA medals in long distance France
golden (9). K1 Men: Cyril Carré. K1 Women: Margot Mayet. Women’s Category C1: Eugenie Durange. Freshman K1: Nice brides. K1 Women’s Junior: Alicia Lesters. K1 Junior Men: Paul Arthur Federa. K1 Parakanui Women’s: Lily Berry. K2 Junior Men’s: Paul Arthur Federa/Tiwan Sheshin. K4 students: Alize Federa / Lucy Sala / Latifa Al Arayes / Marie Nicolas.
Silver (5). K1 Junior Men’s: Titouan Ceschin. K1 Trainee: Alizée Videira. K2 Men: Cyril Carré/Louis Mill. K4 Women’s Junior: Faustin Leger, Emma Hoy, Jade Fagotat, Alicia Lesters. K2 Parakanui Ladies: Natalie Sabine/Lily Brie.
Bronze (3). C1 Junior Men: Nathan Genest. K2 Women: Marielle Dufour/Margot Mayet. C2 Young Men: Nathan Jeannest / Alois Gallois.

excellent OCKA’s strategy to shine in the French long-distance championships

Julien Benbouali


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