Obituary: Gerard Villieu, Orleans rugby and water polo personality

Water polo and rugby. A very erect and cheerful man. Diligent worker (especially at Laugier, wholesaler of vegetables and fruits) and hosts long evenings… Gerard Fulio was all of these things at the same time. But all those lives ended on Thursday, January 6th; Gerard Fulio was in his eighties.

“He was a colorful character”

Sports have always permeated his daily life. Prior to becoming a principal at RC Orléans, he was initially a practitioner. “When the rugby season ended, Jean Fayon recalls, he took the water polo, which was played in the summer. And when the water polo game was over, he went back to rugby.” “At the time, Philip Aradan continues, he was a multidisciplinary rugby player.”

His former associates, in ENO (“in Ligue 1, but not in Ligue 1”) as well as in RCO (“Third Division”), describe Gérard Fauillet as “a person of trusted“, “from Very friendly” Colorful character.

“Gerard found aftershave. He put it all over the hotel room. Ah, it smells good!”

John Fayon (Former member of the Neptune Dorleans kids water polo team)

Defender in water polo, a mainstay in rugby, this “huge” was also in the third inning. “There was such a wonderful group of animators,” enjoys Philip Aradan’s review. especially Sunday evening, when Chief Valrod, in Chessey, “re-opened our doors to us”. Jean Vaillon recalls a hotel common room during a trip, where he “found Gérard aftershave. He put it everywhere. Ah, it smells good!” Like memories that come back…

On the origin of the conjugation with Portadown

For the Orleans Alumni Rugby Association, for all involved in Twinning with the Irish in Portadownor within the chalandiers Compagnons, we must also have some tales to tell and to smile…

Gérard’s funeral in July will be held on Wednesday, January 12th, at 10:30 a.m., in the Basilica of Saint-Denis-en-Valle. To his family, his daughters, his grandchildren and all his loved ones, Center Republic Offers his heartfelt condolences.

Pascal Burgess


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