Nozai: Pauline Dubois wins the Amazon raid in Sri Lanka

Pauline Dubois (left) won the Raid Amazones race in Sri Lanka in March 2022. © Raid Amazones

Gendarmerie in Nouzay (Loire Atlantic), Pauline Dubois won with two of her teammates, The 21st Edition of Amazon Pioneer, 100% feminine and defiant. The young woman is back on her adventure.

Can you sum up these 10 days of adventure in Sri Lanka?

Pauline Dubois: On day one, we discovered the other 253 Amazons in addition to the cast. After a day of preparing to learn how to change a punctured wheel, shoot, and do administrative work, we started the tests with a 14-kilometer run, just to raise our legs.

The days were very dense, with a wake-up call at 4am and the start of the race at 7am. In the afternoon we were able to try our hands at archery, learn to cook Sri Lankan dishes, meet school children, play cricket and see elephants.

At each event, we were treated to new landscapes, each one more beautiful than the other. What struck us most was the solidarity that existed among all these women, always encouraging, good humor and kind, despite the competition.

What are the highlights of this raid?

The running and cycling event was the highlight of our week. My companion, Oussin Gautier and Audrey Gibboni, were ill before the race started. We started in 25th. We gradually climbed up several teams until we found ourselves behind the police motorbike that ensured our safety throughout the course.

When a regulator asked us why the bike was staying ahead of us, it was understood we were in front, which boosted our motivation.

We finished this race four minutes ahead of the other competitors. For us, that was our greatest victory.

Harder times?

I think the hardest part for us was the kayak event. We only trained once out of three. This test was physical, but also technical. We have arrested him. 12 km kayaking is nothing. We determined the fraction when we got to 10 degrees.

In the end what do you remember from the adventure?

Despite the lack of sleep and heat, we won the Raid Amazones as a team of 3, with 6 wins from 7 events. We come home, stars in our eyes, new friends and the desire for another raid!

Thanks to the platform, we won a €1,000 check that we decided to share between the ADA Jade association and Les étoiles bleues.

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