North Hansa Cup: “Sailing calms our autistic son and wants his sessions”

For three days, 42 crews sailed on Lake Conchil-le-Temple as part of the North Hansa Cup. A unique competition that allows healthy and unable to work together to compete on unsinkable sailboats.

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They came from different regions of France, but also from neighboring countries such as Belgium or the Netherlands. This unique European meeting was attended by 84 sailors, organized by the Berck Sailing School Club (CEVB), all under the bright sun.

Brothers Cillian and Lenny Luas won a special “Yves-Guitard” award. – VDN

The association, which is a reference in terms of inclusion on the national territory, issues its values ​​of inclusion, participation and coexistence throughout the world. Locally, it also offers a wide range of marine activities adapted to healthy people and all types of disabilities.

Sleeves are suitable for everyone

This weekend, the sailors participated in various events before being divided into rounds (bronze, silver and gold) for the rest of the competition. ” These are boat races in a collective fleet, we loan the boats that the contestants pull the lottery before setting out on the water Frederic Magnier, one of the organizers, commented. This system facilitates the commitment of participants who do not have to move their boat and also reduces the carbon footprint of the event.

Gold round podium at the end of the competition.
Gold round podium at the end of the competition. – VDN

Jeremy Choshua continues: The rules and boats are the same for each crew. Rounds lasting about fifteen minutes are adapted to their physical condition. “The ballroom, meals and lodging, and the organizers have asked brands and local communities to take part in the event where coexistence is the key word. The elected officials who passed by on Saturday were also impressed by the content of this gathering.

together happily

Parents of Ambroise Tellier, 28, who has autism, unanimously agree: “ Sailing calms our son who wants his sailing courses. The moderators are extraordinary, we are not sympathetic but rather joyful. At the end of the list, three special awards were given in memory of Yves Guitard, a CEVB licensee who died in 2018. Jill Barrett, Hansa Class National President, was completely satisfied: “ This embed, this post, is very informative and reflects sailing together. »

The next competition on CEVB will take place in May in Belgium.

awards. Bronze Round: 1st: Ambroise Teller, Marion Clairhout; 2nd: Mark Dufour, Jill Barrett; Third: Jean-Philippe and Thierry Lopreter. Silver Round: 1st: Willie Kozlowski, Segolene Fay; 2nd: Colin Robert, Nina Menofrier; Third: Nicholas Rundwin, Navy Clujnson. Golden Circle: 1st: Gautier Brill, Lisa Aubin; 2nd: Jean-François Voilet, Catherine Abimont; Third: Steve Labanard, Cecil Vinoate.

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