Nevadans, you can take action on climate change. Here’s how

This opinion column was delivered by Janet Nelson, a resident of Reno.

The world may be on the verge of doing something about climate change. During this time we hear a lot of talk, but not much action. Ahead lies a tipping point that threatens to disrupt Earth’s natural systems that have maintained climate stability for thousands of years. Rising global temperatures have many consequences; One example is the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica, the size of Florida and a mile thick, at risk of sliding into the ocean in the next five years. This alone could raise sea levels by more than two feet worldwide.

What actions can we, as Nevadans, take to prevent a climate tipping point from occurring? The sun in Nevada is free and abundant. The state we call home has an average of 252 sunny days per year, with 79% sunshine from dawn to dusk. When I moved here over 12 years ago, I was surprised at how few solar panels were on the roof. This year, my husband and I finally decided to be part of the solution and install solar panels. First we looked for a contractor, and highly recommend getting local clothing that will be there through the entire process and beyond.

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