Misconception: You Should Stop Exercising When You’re Pregnant

Should you stop exercising when you get pregnant? This is a question many women ask themselves. Often it starts with a fear of taking a wrong step, and most people simply decide to stop all physical activities during pregnancy. Don’t worry: exercise will be very good and even recommended when you are pregnant. “Exercise has been shown to improve maternal and fetal health,” says Lucille Woodward, M.D., athletic trainer. In fact, according to a study based on the analysis of placental development, regular but light physical activity during pregnancy helps oxygen to reach the muscles of the fetus.

Obviously, the exercise you do and the intensity of it depends on the level you did before pregnancy. “If you are very athletic and you are used to running 10 km, you can do sports even if it is very intense at the beginning of your pregnancy,” the professional specifies. Conversely, if you’re not used to it, pregnancy is probably the perfect time for a gentle activity. More important ? Respect your comfort zone and listen to your body. “There are women who feel comfortable doing a lot of things and others who will get very tired very quickly. You really have to respect his feelings.” “The only sport really banned during this time? Diving and activities with a high risk of falling.

Learn how to adapt

The most important thing when you move and carry your life? Adapt your exercises. For example, for Pilates and yoga, it is important not to overwork the rectus abdominis muscle, which is also called the rectus abdominis muscle. During pregnancy, the latter is deflected to allow the uterus to pass, if too much contracted, they risk stretching, not being replaced properly, thus creating asymmetry.

But that’s not all, from 2y In the last trimester, the abdomen becomes more and more round, and then certain positions are difficult or difficult to achieve, hence the importance of adapting your sessions. For lovers of weight training, it’s best to turn to a gym trainer because you’re really needing to have a very good knowledge of your positions and the contraction of your perineum. If you want to go a little slower, you go walking, cycling or even swimming. In terms of cadence, if it’s clear that you Having to listen to your body, Lucille Woodward advises betting or 3 days a week depending on your energy: “It also gives you a moment at the end. It also allows you to stay a bit in rhythm, preserve muscle mass and facilitate recovery when the baby is there. »

More important ? Above all, don’t blame yourself and listen to your body. “Pregnancy is a new world of guilt. We ask ourselves a lot of questions: Should you show your belly? There are really a lot of tough choices to make when you’re pregnant. Sports shouldn’t be another level of discomfort either,” concludes Lucille Woodward.

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