Marquion: Come and experience kayaking or kayaking at the Agache Marine Club

It’s the return of spring! Feel free to come and test canoeing or kayaking on a Saturday afternoon in a family building: the Agache Marine Club.

From March to November, it is the flowering period of the Agache Maritime Club. Dozens of members meet at the Canal du Nord for paddle boarding or canoeing in a friendly atmosphere. The more adventurous are found even in winter but nonetheless avoid periods of extreme cold (below 0 degrees) and storms. “It’s an outdoor sport so we’re dealing with the conditions. But once the legs are closed in the boat, you don’t feel cold anymore”, Stéphane Daniel, the coach who rode his bike on Saturday 2 April, confirms, despite the cold winds, to follow his pony on the water: Julian Valder, 13, who is preparing for the French Championships in Vichy in July and older brother Théophile. Stefan started sailing 13 years ago after seeing his son Victor sailing.

full sport

“It is a very non-discriminatory sport. It can be played at all ages and regardless of body size. Archimedes helps us”And Indicates. In the ultra-wide basin of the Canal du Nord, you will co-exist in calm waters with sandals, ducks, deer, grass snakes or even sea kings from Marquion to Rumaucourt via Oisy-le-Verger. “It’s very quiet”And Stephen confirms. It is also a fitness activity. “It is very complete. We work on moving the feet, arms, abs and toning the pelvis. As a physiotherapist, I recommend it to my patients”And says Laurent Valder, who has been playing sports since his children chose the sport. In 1991, Daniel Renard gave birth to the Agache Marine Club, named after a small river whose source is Inchy-en-Artois. In 1997, two major thoroughfares took a barge out of the Canal du Nord to make it a place that now welcomes boats.

Where and when how?

Training takes place on Saturdays from 2 pm to 4:30 pm. From 7 years old, provided that you know how to swim. Membership ranges from 75 to 80 euros per year if you want to participate in competitions.

Triathlon Water Festival

1Verse The club may organize 27And Edition of the Triathlon Water Festival. More than 120 couples will take a canoe trip over 2km from 9am to 1:30pm, then ride their mountain bikes for 15km before running for 5km. In the afternoon, kayaking and canoeing! BBQ on site. Register on 06 12 70 17 04 and on Horizon Radio on Facebook.

Facebook: CNL’A – Marquion.

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