Marine Le Pen changes the tone of wearing the hijab

The candidate for the National Rally said she was “not without exaggeration” about her wearing a headscarf during a conversation with her grandmother during a trip to Saint-Rémy-sur-Avre, this Saturday, in Hurie-Loire.

Marine Le Pen, the National Rally qualified candidate in the second round of the presidential election, continued her campaign on Saturday morning in Saint-Rémy-sur-Avre in Aure-et-Loire. An opportunity for her to reconsider her proposal to ban the headscarf.

“I know what the problems are with the veil. There are great women who wear it because it corresponds, for them, to a moment in their lives. […] “It does not have the same meaning as young women who are forced to wear it,” the candidate said on Saturday.

“I’m not dumb”

And on Friday morning, on our antennas, the woman who is looking for the third time for the supreme court estimated that “a ban on the veil is necessary.” A few hours later, the far-right candidate was arrested by a veiled woman at the Bertois market in Vaucluse. “It is a sign from the grandmother, to wear the hijab for a modern dress,” she said in a conversation with her, explaining that she personally opposes the wearing of the hijab among young girls.

In the wake of the brief exchange, Marine Le Pen is in any case less specific about her much-committed proposal. “I’m not upset,” she explains on Saturday to the camera. “There will be a law, it will be presented to Parliament, there will be debate.” She adds that “by the initiative of the referendum, citizens can cancel this law if they do not agree.”

“Those involved in this question of the veil”

A real evolution of the RN Candidate program according to Camille Langled, political columnist for BFMTV. “It is clear that it is a change of foot because Marine Le Pen is involved in the issue of the headscarf. It was Emmanuel Macron who referred to this aspect of his opponent’s programme.” With this change of tone, the National Rally leader aims to bolster her image as a presidential candidate.

“This question slashes and re-demonizes Marine Le Pen, who has so far tried to smooth her image,” Camille Langled analyzes again. Eric Zemmour’s nomination for the first round allowed the creation of a “lightning rod” around the themes of Islam and immigration, according to the political columnist.

“Mistake” by Robert Maynard

The proposal to ban the headscarf has also sparked controversy in the far-right camp. Robert Maynard, Mayor of Béziers and a longtime supporter of Marine Le Pen, said on BFMTV that this proposal was “wrong. I think it’s not possible.” The mayor of Béziers also announced on Friday that he was withdrawing from the campaign due to “disagreements”.

Wearing the veil a question arose in this period. It was Emmanuel Macron who launched the topic in Strasbourg on Tuesday. A way to distinguish La République en Marche from the far-right candidate. He pretends to be a defender of religious liberties, to bolster the idea of ​​a Republican barrage for the second round of elections, Sunday, April 24.

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