“Marine Le Pen, Bishops and the Use of the Veil”, by Anne Soba

How many rabbits came out of their box during the election period, like magic ! Of course, we think of candidates who hide their weaknesses by hitting a hand stunt. But they are not the only people. I would like to illustrate this point with two charming numbers whose consequences matter to me, as a woman and as a Catholic: Marine Le Pen’s number on women, and the bishops’ number on the national assembly vote. With, in both cases, a primary subject: the veil.

Immigration issues, Putin, courts…what Marine Le Pen wants to erase

Marine Le Pen, at least on the issue of women, will do a witch campaign. Who says veiling women say (Can we imagine one day a campaign against the veil of men?). The candidate wants to ban the veil of Muslim women. Her view seems simple and is commonly used: wearing a headscarf is not a free act, but a forced act. Muslims are enslaved. With this skillful argument, Marine Le Pen moves into the feminist camp and positions herself as an advocate for gender equality.

sequel after the announcement

Being a woman herself, the candidate seems to rely on her mobilization for the cause: she can claim to be an icon of what she claims. But to know if her feminism is sincere, you have to go back a few years. The excellent historical events of the feminist associations of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte shed light on the superficial feminism of Marine Le Pen. It shows how his program is, in fact, conservative. “Progress for a woman is to stay at home,” she says. In the National Assembly, his party’s deputies voted against the Real Equality between Women and Men Act of 2014. Finally, we no longer consider his positions hostile to the abortion right amendments. But among all this, in these crucial days leading up to the second round, there is no longer any question. It’s time for active hiding. A veil fell on these surprising statements, to the alliance of circumstances.

Marine Le Pen and Abortion: A Brief History of Feminist Opportunism

Some of his sayings, though, are helpful going forward. hijabshe said at the Europe 1 conference in October 2019, Not a trivial piece of cloth, it’s a sign of extremism. » So Marine Le Pen is suing women who wear the headscarf for extremism. Can one believe such a tale? Obsessive speech often admits of its depth. Will Marine Le Pen be an extremist? In schoolyards, we’d say, “Who says who’s who!” Also, can we believe that Marine Le Pen will defend the cause of women tomorrow, of all women, if populist goals threaten them? What trust should be given to a candidate who wants to reveal the woman and conceal her intentions?

Radical incompatibility

On the Catholic side, the veil itself appears to be occupying the scene. But this time, the prestige is the bishops. Their silence so as not to call for a siege on the National Assembly is a veil thrown over the scandal of the Catholic National Assembly vote. Mlove Roger, who was questioned on RTL on April 18, justified the freedom of choice for Catholics. He says that it is not necessary to give instructions to vote as in the past so as not to … clerks. andlove Roger modestly narrowed the scope of opinion polls that identified 40% of Catholics who voted for one of the three far-right candidates (Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan) in the first round. But by covering up the inadmissible his mark, he advances convincingly. Who wears the hijab.

Of course, Catholics are adults and responsible. But if the bishop whose job it is to say doctrinal correctness does not affirm loud and clear that Marine Le Pen’s program is inconsistent with the Bible, then what is the point? Can we sing the Beatitudes and acknowledge others’ disapproval, racial discrimination, and equanimity toward authoritarian regimes? However… no, that didn’t seem to be a problem for him. He will object that the trend has been there for so long. It should be noted that the fear of Catholic regression leads to protectionist reactions, especially towards Islam. But these expected circumstances do not detract from the need to condemn the radical incompatibility between the National Front and the Catholics.

sequel after the announcement

Marine Le Pen in the Elysee? The dark scenario for the first 100 days of the extreme right’s presidency

So if bishops don’t want to do their job, it’s up to Catholics to do so. Lots of work on it. The Bulletin of “Christian Testimony” issued an appeal, Christian Delorme (Priest of the Diocese of Lyon) in “Le Monde” and Pierre-Louis Chaquet (Young Christian Intellectual) in “La Croix” Post Forums. Add me, based on my candidacy for the Diocese of Lyon. If the bishops are silent when they ought to speak, let others finally lift the curtain on this alliance against nature.

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Feminist because of the Bible and Catholicism for the same reason, I cannot help but denounce those witches of all kinds who wear veils or reveal themselves according to their own interests.

Bio Express, Ann Soba

Anne Soba is the chairperson of the Jupe Committee, which promotes equality between men and women in the Church, and a founding member of the Society of All Apostles!. The last book, published in 2021, entitled “For the Love of God” was published by Albin Michel, in which she explains her approach and her candidacy for the Diocese of Lyon.

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