MANG’AZUR 2022: GAMERGEN.COM FESTIVAL PROGRAM IS A Crazy Weekend (With Super Exclusive)

For six years, we’ve shared our passion for VR We try to make everyone discover the joy of immersion thanks to virtual reality whether it is for playing, traveling, playing sports or watching multimedia content. So, We have a series Youtube Who offers many videos on this topic, we publish articles in the section English/VR From the site thanks to our specialized editors and finally, we offer entertainment at trade fairs to make you “things alive” rather than just seeing them. This weekend in Manga Azure 2022 We will take strict action !

As a reminder, the file mang azure It is an exhibition dedicated to Japanese and South Korean culture. It offers to introduce everyone to these two cultures through their traditions and music, as well as their modernity, thanks to thematic activities and the presence of representatives from the French and Asian scene.. In addition to shows, autographs and shops, there are also many entertainment areas including the one with our position VR Who will be in front of the palace in the hotel ibis.

Weekend Program on GAMERGEN.COM (21 VR Headsets)

  • family area:
    This space will allow the youngest of them, accompanied only by their parents, to discover virtual reality through a cartoon or dive in complete safety thanks to four VR helmets. Parents and children will live this experience together.
  • Free Roaming Zone (Free Movement):
    Big news on the platform, there will be no less than three headsets dedicated to free-motion experiences. It will be possible to play and pretend to be an explorer or visit an art gallery for non-players without any use of consoles.
  • Multiplayer space:
    Four VR headsets will be dedicated to gaming, allowing multiple people to compete in a virtual face-to-face competition. Whether it’s the Dodge Ball corner or the Duel corner, you’ll discover that immersion in virtual reality greatly increases the fun of playing with friends.

Skintech Tactile Jacket

  • Discovery area:
    If you haven’t done virtual reality before, we reserve a space for you to learn, while having fun, to live in a virtual world. At the end of this experience, you’ll be ready to dive into the metaverse…or at least understand all the other VR experiences without complexes.
  • gaming area :
    If you’re familiar with VR, you’ll have free access to a huge catalog of games for ten-minute sessions. We will also have haptic feedback jackets (bHaptics and Woojer) and e-shoes that we will be able to attract some knowledgeable visitors to the platform to try.
  • Driving simulator on turntable and VR headset
    You will also find our driving simulator on disc and with a VR headset (HP Reverb G2) and our supercharged PC (i9 10850K + 32 GB + NVIDIA RTX3090).
  • Space Skinetic by Actronika (future touch jacket)
    You will be able to discover the futuristic touch jacket from Actronika which is currently on Kickstarter, exclusively. concept? To offer you very real sensations in virtual experiences such as feeling the rain falling, the wind blowing on our bodies or even, for example, the traces of bullets at the most fun. This jacket is really the best and will be available to the general public by 2023, but you can spot it on our booth in preview. You can test it with an impressive tech demo or, for players, by playing Half-Life Alyx. You can also watch our dedicated live stream on our YouTube channel here.

GAMERGEN.COM Kiosk 2022 14GAMERGEN.COM Kiosk 2022 12GAMERGEN.COM Kiosk 2022 15Photobooth 07

In these times of health crisis, we remind you that we are applying the basic rules of hygiene that are necessary, ie disinfecting helmets between each lane, those of consoles and the obligation of players to sanitize your hands with hydro-alcoholic gel upon arrival in space VR.

the festival Manga Azure 2022 It will be held at the Neptune Palace in Toulon, on April 16-17 It will be open, on both days, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (entry 9:00 am for pre-orders). Scheduled Saturday night from 8:00 pm to midnight. In terms of prices, it is very reasonable at €10 for the day, €18 for the weekend and €5 per night. If you want to know more, we’ve posted an article about the show here.

If you haven’t taken the initiative yet, you can treat yourself with a Oculus Quest 2 in home BakerThe FnakAnd Dart where Amazon for 349.99 euros.


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