Macron’s statements are very offensive to Muslims.

Manon Phosate
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9:16 am, April 22, 2022

And on the antennas of Europe1 and CNews, on Friday morning, the candidate of the RN party for the presidential elections returned to the statements of Emmanuel Macron during the debate between the two rounds, when the latter asserted that a ban on the wearing of headscarves in public places could lead to a “civil war”.

Following a call to Europe1 and CNews on Friday morning, the GOP presidential candidate reverted to Emmanuel Macron’s statement during the two-round debate – and during his trip to Saint-Denis on Thursday – that confirmed a ban on women’s clothing. The veil may lead to a “civil war”. And it considered that the president’s candidate’s statements were “extremely offensive to Muslims.”

Emmanuel Macron changes his position by chance

For Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron plays the “at the same time” card on the issue of wearing a headscarf. “I remember him saying that the veil poses the problem of civilization. I remember his minister, Jean-Michel Blanquer, saying that the veil has nothing to do with France…so he is changing his position today with the opportunity,” she said.

“This talk [de guerre civile] Severe insult, not to me, but to Muslims. Because he would like to say that if we put in place a law banning headscarves, it would lead to riots. Until a certain number of French Muslims are ready to break with the law and refuse to comply with it, “continued the candidate of the National Front.” And I don’t believe it, I trust them.

veiled women hypertrophy

Regarding her programme, Marine Le Pen also noted that the issue of wearing the hijab is “only a very small part of her project.” The candidate of the National Rally Party said, “The word veil is not in my project. The aim of this law is to fight the Islamists, because this is what ignited the fuse of terrorism in our lands.”

Within the framework of this law, I consider that the Islamists are exerting unacceptable pressure on women and forcing them on them. What we notice in our country ten years ago is an increase in veiled women. And who does not wear it. She is isolated, granted and judged, and I cannot accept her in France on the national territory in 2022.

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