Macron, Mitterrand, Veil: Jean-Louis Bianco speaks

For the former Secretary General of the Elysee, “more than one in five veiled women is obligated to do so.”

We don’t often have lunch with a man who was, for a whole decade, probably the most powerful man in France, as Mitterrand’s General Secretary from 1982 to 1991. The two men seem very different. Mitterrand very wavy, seductive, or multifaceted, Bianco, direct, somewhat crisp Cartesian

No doubt the reason why they got along so well that they almost became his prime minister, right after his re-election in 1988. On May 10, 1988, we remember the President’s lunch, inviting the three potential candidates to Matignon: Pierre Begovoy, Michel Rocard and Jean-Louis Bianco. Of course, the “Sphinx” has already made his choice, but he wants to emphasize this in his head and better measure men and in real life.

Bianco didn’t really know Mitterrand before 1981.In the middle of my childhood Jack Attali, I had the agonizing task of having to figure out the cost of the joint program left…and then I jotted down some notes for the president who, obviously, wasn’t upset. This is how I was appointed Secretary General of the Elysee from 1982 to 1991 »

What amazes you when you first meet him is his sharp, quick and meticulous mind. Arrow ! At 79 years old, the answer appeared even before the question. With him, no great digressions to cover you; On the contrary, one strikes uprightness, and anarchist logic runs through the school of mines, a strict Protestant rigor and republican and secular ideals that surface at every moment.

Bianco comes from the best ground: the Republican School. And he still believed in France’s ability to integrate all her children even if, to do so, it was necessary to better control the schools. But watch out for it, Secularism is not a dogma but remains a lever to allow everyone to think and believe freely. »

On the veil, a sensitive topic, and on it cursed, he and the Observatory of Secularism, an organization created by Jacques Chirac, drew it so much that it was deleted.
After the assassination of Samuel Baty, public opinion could not bear the slightest sign of independence on the matter. After the Separatist Act, we parted a little by remembering a few principles. Unfortunately. Because if we are inflexible about the rights of everyone to dress freely, we are just as inflexible with the rights of women, or in mosques funded by foreign countries, which should be banned. There is a legal arsenal to do this. I still need to use it. For example, regarding refusing to serve a woman in a café, Castaner’s generalization is good and everyone can and should eat it… »

Bianco is a defender of rights but also of duties (see his interview on EntreprendreTV) He has wrongly accused us of being soft on Islamists, we are totally wrong, he demands strict control of private schools. “ She interacted with thousands of veiled women. Many of them are loyal. On the other hand, about 20% wear it because they are forced to. This is intolerable. »

Bianco, the killer of political Islam and the defender of women’s rights. “We have to restore confidence in ourselves, we do not hear enough in the public space for all these French Muslims who are in the majority waiting to integrate and work. They need to express themselves more.”

And Macron? ” It’s epic. Seeing a young man, a financial inspector, almost nothing, become President of the Republic at the age of 39, re-elected in the process is romantic. Like Mitterrand, he has a sense of time. He is brave and can set the country on the path of major reforms. Everyone must take a step. The situation is very difficult, and ironically, it is the right time. Many people can contribute to it… »

Times have changed. Was it possible to elect Mitterrand in these times of social networks? I believe him, he who, to escape, read Tyne or Chardon on the planes. The multifaceted knowledge and unparalleled expertise of men… he would have adapted to him »

Obviously, the admiration is still there. when exit She Francoise, in the presence of the faithful John Luke Cadeau, I said to myself, that we have a certain genius, in our country, to invent artificial enemies, which in reality are not really artificial. This is true in politics, but also in all organizations and in life in general …

Let’s learn to share more without prejudice and with everyone. Each of us tends to stay in his camp, in his group … let’s get out of our boxes. Settlement is a good thing to move forward. Bianco is not the person some media wanted to introduce later. He is still a great, loyal and honest gentleman.

Robert Lafont

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