low wall. Kayak: Emma Vuitton has been in the French national team twice

In her first year at U23, MOCK licensed Emma Vuitton achieved a feat by being selected for the France U23 team and a major.

This is your first year at U23. What are your goals?

For this first year at U23, the goal is to pursue committed racing, but also to gain experience in various races by making finals, podiums.

Can you go back to the recently held French elite tournament in Vaires-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne) a few days ago?

During these tournaments, which are also a choice, I gradually gained strength while I was very regular. I finished 3rd on Day 1 (second in U23) with a committed but very controlled run. The next day I finished third (first in U23) which allows me to win my pick directly in U23. On the last day I play with the adults and I really want to have a good race. In the final, despite some bugs, I go fast with quick options and very committed stop styles. Coming to the bottom, I am amazed and very happy that I took first place in this last race, thus validating my selection for the French first and second place in this tournament.

You did great by getting your choice of EDF at U23 and older…

I am really happy to see all my hard work in training paying off. Since my return to the French Pole in Pau in September and my transition from U18 to 23, I feel I am progressing, but I never imagined getting results so quickly in competition. I can’t wait to start the first major races to benchmark myself against the best in the world but also the U23 races.

How will you organize your program according to your choices and the approaching dual deadlines?

With the Senior World Championships scheduled for earlier this year (July instead of September), the schedule is very busy this summer. I’m thinking about participating in the world and European championships, but also in U23, because it is very important for me to race in my age group.

Can we really talk about Paris 2024?

Paris 2024 is a dream for me! But for now, I’m still focused on continuing to get as far as possible, gaining experience in senior racing and seeing what separates me from the best in the world, while still having a lot of fun.

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