Literature: Dijon author Eileen Lemesel has released her first novel

“Surprise Journey” was released on April 26 in a self-published form. The Dijon author talks about a novel “written with the intent of having fun, to make people laugh and to give a sense of humor in a difficult social context.”

A humorous novel to get out of the gloomy atmosphere

“A Surprise Journey” is a short novel (170 pages) available in bookstores and in e-book form since April 26. It tells of the amazing adventures of Marianne who has to get home by car after she had a disastrous job interview 300 kilometers from her home. An accident, animals, an assault, from which nothing will survive.
Publisher: Book on Demand, April 2022, ISBN: 978-2-3223-7523-3.

This is the first novel by the author who chose to self-publish in order to preserve her freedom in the concept of the novel. I wrote it with the intent of entertaining, making people laugh and giving a sense of humor in a difficult social context dominated by the health crisis for more than two years. The Surprise Journey is also a hymn to life and opening up to others, because even if the characters look more like a band of broken arms than normal individuals, they are nonetheless endearing and offer a part of themselves during this journey.

PhD in Public Law, Elaine Lemesel is the director of a children’s home. “I had so much fun writing this story. I often laughed imagining the adventures our anti-hero enemies would take.”

Passionate about writing and diving, she is about to quit her job to devote herself to her passion.

Book summary:

When everything goes wrong, can things go wrong? Poor Marianne!

Her dream job, in this charming seaside town, wouldn’t be for her. The results of the races: a heartbreaking job interview, with a despicable man, and low morale. Frustrated, she joins the carpool meeting point, eager to go home and forget this traumatic experience.

However, she does not doubt that the day has just begun. She will fall on a gang of broken arms, all crazier than each other, which will make her live a series of amazing adventures. Between laughter and tears, Marianne will have to adjust to her traveling companions, including those who travel on all fours…

Explosive comedy!

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