Legislative 2022. Navy scale, novice and strong advocate for rurality

Marine Digg enters the world of politics with the Movement for the Countryside. (© DR)

I came here about fifteen years ago and fell in love with the area. »Originally from Bayeux, marine scale settled in the area Queenville (channel) to satisfy one of his great passions, the horse.

In La Manche, the department that is second to none in equestrian affairs, we can say that he has found his paradise.

The 38 years old young woman, who defines herself as a farmer, became the mother of a baby boy who is now 5 years old and had to give up her horses for a bit. But she makes up for it by helping her husband from oyster farms on the East Coast, or by getting involved in his town life, especially with a parental bond.

first in politics

Not yet in her forties, she is also part of the Internet generation and participates in social networks, giving her opinion on everyday topics.

I’m not very politicized on the base, even if I always go vote. I’ve never been active. But when I see certain posts, I am stunned. »

This is how it was spotted at the beginning of 2022 by Movement for rurality. One thing leads to another, she is persuaded to represent the party in the Fourth District. “I was a bit hesitant at first, at first I was offered a position as a substitute, then the position of the Fourth District. Then I decided to go for it.”

“Let’s know”

with beliefs. “5 years ago, I voted for Emmanuel Macron. But this time, making the same mistake again was out of the question. When it is said, for example, that there was no mass lockdown under his mandate, we are in a good position to say it is not true. But not only this. “

in rural area Like the canal, the marine scale, which is defined as a Anti-wind turbines convinced The project off Barfleur is fiercely opposed, and believes that the daily concerns of the residents are often set aside.

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“The list is long between white areas and small-town shops that are gradually closing down or the health system is extremely deteriorating. There are a lot of things to review.”

So she was mired in the deep end of the legislative elections and her campaigning for the past few weeks. A discovery that does not shock her too much. “I know that I don’t know everything and that it will be difficult to be in front of the big parties, which have been established for a long time. However, this election is important for us, to make ourselves known. I also believe that people need to see new faces, people like them who are like them. »

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