Lawrence Vincent Lapointe retires with a sense of accomplishment

Babe Ruth has long dominated his sport, just like Michael Schumacher in Formula 1 or Michael Kingsbury in surfing. This was also the case for Lawrence Vincent La Pointe in the regatta regatta. Recently, she was finally able to live out her dream of participating in the Olympic Games after her suspension period, and today it is the hour of Trifluvienne’s athletic retirement.

Lawrence was busy in Tokyo. She first won the silver medal alone before taking the bronze at C2 with partner Katie Vincent. Last week, she made the decision to focus on her career.

“I really took my time before I made my decision, so it’s not a heartbreaking decision. I also think that’s what makes me so comfortable and fun with it,” she captioned First. “When I saw my teammates coming back to the training camp, I thought it would be fun to be with them. Then I soon felt my motivation dropped a lot and I felt like I had accomplished everything I wanted.”

People told me to think about it seriously. I was told that the next world championships would be in Canada so it would be fun to see me in a group boat. I found it interesting, but as I progressed through my college session, my motivation decreased. I no longer have the motivation to train as an athlete should. To keep fit, it’s okay, but not at an athletic level. »

The end of his career will be eventful. She was initially accused of doping, then suspended, then acquitted on the eve of the Olympics… where she won two medals! La Trifluvienne can only be proud of all these years of effort and achievement.

“There are a lot of things I am proud of, especially being back in competition after epic 2019. I kept going, never giving up and working hard to make the Olympics. I kept passionate and I was resilient. I am also proud that women can finally take a place in the Olympics. It was It’s hard to fight for our place. I’ve always known negativity throughout my career.”

“I will never forget this competition in 2011, in Poland, where the home announcer forgot to turn off his microphone when we got close to the starting line and insulted us for being women kayaking. Today, all young girls have the right to dream of the Olympics,” adds Laurence Vincent Lapointe.

“I’m also proud of being #1 for so long. How many times have my parents been told I’m lucky or there aren’t many women against me? Sometimes, when an athlete wins, we tell ourselves that he will stay at the top for a year or two if he is lucky? Surely I am proud to have stayed there for so long, even when the standard of our sport has become very high,” she said.

Lawrence now intends to focus on her second career, a physical therapist, which is in her first year of college studies. She left her gym career with her head held high with no regrets…except for not buying the awesome knife she saw in Japan in 2018!

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