Latour-de-Carol – Kayaking Celebrates in Carol

Kayak Club de Cerdani organizes a three-day Kayak Carol Festival. Confirmed and beginners will be able to sail in Cerdanya.

Carroll Valley will see three days of heavy traffic, but it is above all the river that will focus all the attention. In fact, the Kayak club of Cerdagne is organizing a new edition of the Kayak Carol Festival. “againstThe festival aims to highlight our lands and our passion for kayaking by rafting kayaks‘, he explains Gregory GeroAssociation member. This festival actually took place a few years ago and it was not possible to organize it in two editions due to the health crisis. This event aims above all else to create a moment of coexistence andto meKayak driving in our beautiful valley and lands of Serdan“.

Saturday, kayaks Experienced riders will be able to gauge themselves during the nearly kilometer high river race in the Porta Fjords. But this gathering is primarily intended To discover white water activities that are fun and full of emotions. “For residents of the territory and of course, anyone who desires, this long weekend is the perfect time to get to know the practice of kayakingTo do this, From Friday to SundayAn inflatable kayak baptism is organized in Carroll and can be accessed by children from 10 years old. For the first time, a “bousr’eau kayak” with deposit/sale of used kayak equipment will be held at Village-kayak in Latour-de-Carol.

The festival is also worth the quality of the concerts, which are organized over two evenings. ” We really want to create a moment of coexistence and everything is in place to make it happen! “.

Latour de Carroll, Friday, May 27, Kayak Village, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Reception of participants, river walk. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., inflatable kayak baptism of 10 years. Register on the site. The price is 10 euros. Concert at 8 pm, at Village-kayak, with Combo Pacheco and Electropical.
Saturday May 28 10am-4pm Inflatable kayak kickoff of 10 years. Register on the site. The price is 10 euros. The race is at 3 p.m., Porta, the start of the race upriver. For experienced kayak makers. Downhill to Porta Gorge. Arrive in front of the Auberge du Campcardos. Concerts at 8 pm, at Village-kayak, with T’auras l’oreille, Coup D’Tram and DJ Selekta.
Sunday, May 29 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Inflatable kayak baptism of 10 years. Register on the site. The price is 10 euros.
Throughout the three days at Kayak Village, snacks are served on-site for lunch and dinner until Sunday noon, from 10 a.m. to midnight. Bring your own cutlery to reduce environmental impact. Bousr’eau kayak: Deposit/sale of used kayak equipment.

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