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just like the songAnd the cycle of seasons and years makes up a storyamanchoAnd after three full laps around the sun, we say goodbye to the diving club at Ito High School. Three years for our heroines, but twelve and a half years (2008 to 2021) in the business Kozu Amano who was able to embark on an introductory story that is as candid as it was formative.

After the growth of their circle of friends, all of whom are passionate about diving of course, with a penultimate collegiate volume dedicated to the future of the club carried over to the cadets, this last act was refocused on the basis of the series: the relationship between Pikari and Teko. It’s already time for them to say goodbye to high school, which also looks like a goodbye to their breakup as Teko continues his university studies in Tokyo.

© Kozo Amano/Mag Garden

The two friends leave on one last trip, to celebrate the end of their youth. A final adventure that reverses the first volume, closes the loop, and returns to the starting point, showing the evolution of characters that are no longer the same. Thus Teko becomes confident in who she is and what she wants, while bold and energetic Pikari seems even more annoyed by this end.

A simple and poignant epilogue, like a series that never stops bringing out the gorgeous and gorgeous poetry of everyday things. Bringing back the charm of everyday life that has taken on its flowery naive blue side, leading us to sweet stories that emanate from the joy of life.

© Kozo Amano/Mag Garden

Although snorkeling, whose subject matter brought the characters together through a shared passion, offered us moments that were both educational and outstanding beauty, the latter were far from occupying the majority of the stories. The digressions were numerous, often relating to the contemplation or anxieties of youth. The story was full of laughs, tears, and some hardships that made our heroines grow up.

Amancho! And so it ends with a touch of gloom but soon gives way to the energy to move on. A beautiful series that praised ordinary happiness and sweet daydreams that you should not be ashamed of. A magical and definitely renewing read that brings us back to our lost innocence.

© Kozo Amano/Mag Garden

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