Lanion. Rowing: Martin Corno and Lina Chimeras, blue eyes

Martin Cornu and Lena Chimera, both 16, continue to advance, under the watchful eye of Lannion CK’s Frank Delaccher. © Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor

These two have known each other well for 5, 6 years, it’s been a long time. In Lannion CKThey grew and progressed together.

“It is impressive to see it constantly evolving,” notes Martin. He continues, “It’s always good to see the other succeed in their races, it’s leadership” Lina.

Near whitewater stadium, their track creates simulation, highlights Frank DelacherCoach at Lannion Club. For others, it “puts the stars in their eyes.”

Rowing and extreme slalom

Faithful to this parallel learning, Martin and Lena simultaneously obtained Selections in the French national teamduring the French Championships in Vaires-sur-Marne April 23-27.

Martin Cornu was in a familiar place there, because he is part of pole of hope for a year. is ranked First in kayaking under 18 years old.

“It was a great feature, I’ve been training for it all year long.”

Martin Cornu

Léna Quémerais, based Sisun Seveni CenterI picked up Under-18 national title in extreme slaloma system that “mixes meandering with the descent of the river”, photographed by Frank Delacher, which combines insane intensity and scenarios with twists and turns.

“I didn’t expect it at all,” Philip’s daughter, 5, admitse 2004 Athens Olympics in two-seater slalom.

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Lena Quemerais (Lannion CK)
Léna Quémerais won the under-18 national title in extreme slalom at Vaires-sur-Marne. © FFCK

Realms in Ivrea

Thus the two of Lannionnais opened the gates World Championship for Juniors and Under 23 years oldwhich will be held in Ivrea (Italy) from 5 to 10 July. In Léna’s extreme slalom, a discipline to which Martin will add rowing.

The goal: a platform in both worlds… Lena is like Martin. And their opponents will come from strong kayak countries: Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic.

“And why not the title,” Martin smiles. And then it will come Europefrom August 11 to 14, in Cesc Budejovic (Czech Republic).

Los Angeles, the right Olympic pit stop?

What about the Olympic Games in Paris 2024?

“Hopefully, but there’s still a hell of a margin, Martin Cornu pisses off. It’s close, there’s a lot of competition…but it’s still a dream. LA 2028 is more realistic.”

Martin and Lina
Martin Cornu
Martin Corneau (here during the Coupe de France in Lannion), © Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor ranked first in the U18 boat, at a basin he knows well.

To perfect its navigation, Léna Quémerais intends to take advantage of the synergies between meandering and extreme meandering. “It can bring me a lot.” Maximize the proper techniques for the specific boat (10kg heavier).

“Add more hours,” she adds. When they are not working on their studies (at 2nd)She and Martin are training, because of 15 hours a week.

“You have to stick,” Martin admits. Science Lannionnais, who are looking forward to an engineering school next, learn together at a good pace.

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