Lagny: Against all odds, the kayak club is still sailing

Even without buildings, the Lagny canoe-kayak (CKL) club continues to sail on Marne. Its members are always there(© La Marne)

Since March 19, the buildings that housed the Lagny-sur-Marne Canoe and Kayak Club, on the Quai de la Gourdine, have disappeared. Built in 1987 by a few enthusiasts, this place has sailed, trained, and made generations of kayakers shine in just over 30 years. If the venue is no longer active, the club is still active.

Of course, it was difficult to see the local disappearance. In a dispute with the city council, the club was expelled in November 2021 following a court decision. Even today this person is going through a hard time, explains Serge Visor, his boss.

No more domestic motives but sound

However, the club is still active. Volunteers and the management team redoubled their efforts to maintain the training:

Today, the number of members remains almost stable, reaching 80 people and at the beginning of April, applications for membership are in.

serge model

How does the club operate without a shed and its club? “We had to store our equipment, including boats, with one of our vice presidents, who also lends us room to store our furniture, weight training equipment and timings. For larger items, one of our members puts a box at our disposal,” explains Serge Visser.

But he admits: “The lack of introductions is still a problem. How do you accept that children have to change in the middle of winter in the cold and in the rain?”

Looking for a new place

Already, all possibilities have been studied for a local settlement or reconstruction on suitable land on the lands of Marne and Gondoire and thus to remain in close proximity to its members. Meanwhile, courses are organized via whatsapp groups from the club and social networks. Thus Kayakers continue to be able to participate in various Competitions And fly in the colors of CK Lagny.

For the boss, the spirit of the club is not limited to a place. It is measured by the participation and skills of its management team and members, so that everyone can enjoy sailing and convey their shared passion. And then, as Serge Visor reminds us: “I made a promise when this club was created: in 140 years we will still be talking about Kayak Lagne Canoe!”.

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So despite the headwinds, CK Lagny’s boats aren’t about to stop sailing.

Information and contact: Tel: 09 53 41 88 03.

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