Kevin and Camille try to escape from Jacob, and Roman plans to break up with Sylvia (PBLV 4541 episode synopsis + video)

“Plus belle la vie” in advance, a detailed summary of Episode 4541 of Monday, May 16, 2022, from PBLV (video). In your daily France 3 series, Kevin and Camille are trying to escape from Jacob, Vidal and Sylvia having a hard time synchronizing, will Barbara and Abdul are still friends?


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Plus belle la vie summary for Friday, May 13, 2022 Also connected. An enjoyable read.


Plus belle la vie: Advance synopsis for Episode 4541 for Monday, May 16, 2022

Can Abel and Barbara remain friends?

Abdul and Barbara have returned the cover. They spent the night together in Barbara. When they wake up, they are a little embarrassed and agree not to tell anyone. Abdul returns home, but meets Nisma at the bottom of the building. The girl noticed that he slept last night and questioned him. But Abdul kicks in contact.

Barbara turns upside down and trusts Estelle: That night with a slave was a real disaster, she just wanted it to end! Official Barbara. Abdul is his best friend and he has no desire for him anymore! Abdul, for his part, acknowledges at Bohr that Barbara no longer has an influence on him. Jean-Paul advises him to be frank with Barbara, because the longer he waits, the more false hopes will be. But Abdul fears losing one of the most important women in his life.

Vidal and Silvia are not on the same wavelength

Vidal booked 2 nights in a very nice location in a natural location in Camargue. But Sylvia is allergic to mosquito bites and does not dare to tell him. Emily suggests that he offer Roman another destination, but Roman has already organized everything, however, she will not know where to go to please him. Silvia realizes the obvious. Although Roman is gorgeous, she feels like they’re always out of step. To please Roman, who loves the sea and diving, Sylvia thinks of buying him a jar of goldfish. The young woman does not notice that her talent is a failure. For his part, Roman trusts Estelle and is aware of the facts. Sylvia and he’s not on the same wavelength. He wants to break up but he doesn’t want to hurt her. Estelle thinks Sylvia would especially appreciate that Roman was befriended by her.

Kevin and Camille are in danger

Camille and Kevin spent two days in the woods. They find the food down. Camille is scared and Kevin assures her that he is there to protect her. Camille and Kevin decided to keep going. For their part, Aryan and Matthew were able to hold a video conference with Perisic, a police lieutenant from Zagreb. A bit worried, Aryan is in a hurry to see if her fellow Croatian has followed Jacob’s footsteps. After confirming Aryan’s rudeness, Perisic tells her that he has received the suspect’s report. It is believed that the latter wanted to become environmentally friendly after withdrawing money from the distributor. However, Zagreb is surrounded by 2.5 million hectares of forest. Marseille investigators suspect that Yacoub arrived in Croatia by land to avoid ports and airports. Mathieu suggests to Perisic to focus on vehicles registered in France.

In Croatia, a storm is brewing as it rains. Kevin and Camille stop to take a break, but they hear a noise followed by gunshots. They start running. Jacob follows them armed with a rifle. Kevin and Camille are hiding behind a century-old tree. Jacob did not see them and continued on his way.

The Croatian police found Jacob’s car in Sesvet, on the outskirts of Zagreb. Local science police found blood and fingerprints inside the truck, among which were Camille’s traces. Emma receives a visit from Aryan who informs her of the discovery of her Croatian colleagues. Aryan believes that Camille is alive. In Croatia, night begins to fall. Camille finds a stream and prepares for camp. Despite being in danger, Camille has never felt happier than she does now with Kevin.

The most beautiful life extraction May 16, 2022

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