Kayak: Nour Ait Kaddour offers everything for the 2024 Games in Paris

Montpellier, a dual national, proudly wears the 3MCK-UC club colors in N2 and Morocco in international competitions; He launched a participatory campaign to support him in his project to go to the 2024 Paris Olympics and before that to win the World Championship selection.

His dream of setting up games is not innate. He grew up on the water and his encounters. Nour Ait Kaddour remembers his first training sessions at 3MCK-UC without falling in love with the paddle. By descending on Herault the Montpellier rider found his way. “I got off the boat eight times but the sensations of white water and nature, it’s an interaction that took me”.

Lee Valley’s goal

Licensed to 3MCK-UC since 2011, along with Olivier Nogues and the late Yannick Besse, “Who gave me a passion for slalom; the great creator of the profession!”He forged his passions and friendships through the athletic department at Saint-François-de-Assis and then at Mermoz. “We made our way and pushed me to join the Moroccan national team in 2019”. Commit to a week at the U23 and Senior World Championships at the end of July. Sees further, with the 2023 World Championships in Lee Valley, selective Olympic Games.

Double the project of sports and studies

A career that Montpellier missed in the Olympic selection in March 2021 .“France is an exceptional school in kayaking, and it shines internationally, at the Games. And telling myself to have the opportunity to wear the colors of two countries is a message that I hope will be strong, especially. If it is through sporting and academic excellence and actual citizenship”

Nour has just certified his three Miash licenses: Mathematics and Computer Science applied to the humanities and social sciences, Towards a Data Scientist (Data Processing Engineer)… which will lead him to Master Digisport in Rennes next season. Where the Paris 2024 Replacement Dock is being built. While it remains licensed in Muc.

Crowdfunding to support it A dual project that he leads without compromising one or the other,Not counting my efforts. . Bodybuilding and physical sessions on the water morning and evening. Until this winter at dawn, before going to class. Nour diversified his program by running, climbing and swimming.“The idea is to train, to keep in touch with the boat, the sport and that’s how I’ve been able to move forward this year. I’m not the best but I feel like I’m progressing, and I feel like I’m finding new things in training so it’s promising”

. To give himself more opportunity to go to the games, he launched a crowdfunding campaign. “Financial support is the nerve of war, to go in training, in competition, in selection; equipment is expensive” ; Hence this platform is also used for the federation.“It’s the power of having a growing community behind it; it’s a wonderful adventure that I can share.”
. Until now she was in a circle of family and friends,“Which was already very promising and I realized through this cat that it matters to us too. I get a lot of comments. People who do video editing and communication and who are interested in the project. We talk about our skills… I don’t” I don’t know if it will make it to the end, but the goal is Giving me all the means to be competitive, playing that choice, and if it was done, it would be great”


Realms allocate quotas by country for the top 18 nations. Continental selections are also planned for five quota places, so that all continents are represented. Morocco was allocated two places in the last Olympics, in kayak, a man and a woman.

his page
Born April 5, 2001 in Montpellier.
Club: Licensed at 3MCK-UC since 2011, after a training leave in April. The Green Paddle was acquired on December 18, 2013.
The first international competition: the World Championships
Newbie in Krakow in July 2019.
The date will come: the French N2 Cup Final in Bourg-Saint-Maurice on 2 and 3 July.
U23 worlds in Italy.
Choice: Not intended for selection in kayaking or extreme kayaking, and is a new head-to-head system over four-man races.
He finished 23rd in the World Championships in K1 Extreme Slalom in 2021.
Participation platform: https://www.gofundme.com

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