Island Police: Earth Day Activities call on the police

Bar Harbor

A non-resident phoned the police department on Saturday to report bags of garbage along the side of the highway on State Highway 3 and was notified of the roadside cleanup taking place for Earth Day.

Officers from the Bar Harbor Mount Desert Police Department assisted the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department on April 26 with a motor vehicle chase that began outside their jurisdiction and traveled to State Highway 102. The chase ended in Southwest Harbor where two people were detained.

Aaron Higgins, 37, of Bar Harbor, was arrested on Friday on an active warrant and taken to the Hancock County Jail.

Following a traffic stop on Friday, Kevin Edwards, 39, of Bar Harbor, was called into operation following the suspension and breaching the terms of the release.

A local property owner called the police department on Friday to notify officers that they had given a relative permission to pitch a tent on their property if someone reported it.

On Saturday, officers helped motorists whose trailers slipped from their vehicles.

Officers responded to reports on Saturday afternoon of loud, loud music in the city center. The source of the music has been found and the people responsible have agreed to remain silent.

Shawn Twigg, 51, of Southwest Harbor, was reversing his 2013 Honda Pilot on Saturday when the vehicle climbed onto the curb and into a sign owned by the Bar Harbor Villager Motel. As a result of the investigation, Twigg was detained for operating without a permit.

A mail carrier was distracted by belongings in his vehicle on Monday and went off the road on Spring Street, crashing into a telephone pole. The vehicle was towed as it suffered crippling damage. No fees are applied.

A 2013 Dodge pickup operated by Evin Carson, 54, of Maine, was heading north on Maple Avenue on Monday when it collided with a legally parked 2016 GMC pickup. Following an investigation, Carson was arrested on charges of operating under the influence.

Mountain Desert

An officer talks with the registered owner and juvenile operator of a vehicle committing an unsafe trespass in Mount Desert on April 28. The operator was warned for unsafe driving and no further police action was taken.

The police department picked up a report about the garage being burglarized on Monday. This issue is being investigated.

Southwest Harbor

An officer assists the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office and the Bar Harbor Police Department on April 26 with a vehicle that operates erratically and fails to stop for law enforcement. The vehicle operator and passenger were detained on Seawall Road in Southwest Harbor.

A resident came to the police department on Friday to report that he thought someone was stalking him. An officer spoke to the subject who assured him they were not stalking the woman but living nearby.

Dispatch received a motor vehicle complaint Friday from the Bar Harbor Police Department about a vehicle trailing another vehicle in Somesville. An officer could come into contact with a suspect vehicle, resulting in the operator being warned for following too closely and summoned for failing to provide proof of insurance.


A deputy received a report of an abandoned vehicle in Trenton on April 27. He found the vehicle and spoke to its owner who then removed it.

While deputies helped crash on Oak Point Road in Trenton on April 27, another vehicle got off the road not far from the road while trying to turn around. The vehicle was undamaged and could be pulled out of the ditch.

Deputies responded to a disorderly incident between family members at the Trenton residence on Monday that was determined to be due to child custody issues.


Deputies responded to the Tremont residence on Sunday to domestic disputes. The incident was verbal only and the subjects were separated for the rest of the day.

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