International Day of Brothers and Sisters: Meet the Neferne brothers

After her sisters Laura and Clara, who had already made a name for themselves at the highest level of rowing, Lisa Ruiz, the youngest of the siblings, began to follow in the footsteps of her elders. Could it be otherwise for the young Esperance boat member Decize/Saint-Léger-des-Vignes? The answer is clear: no.

Lisa (left), Clara (right) and Laura Ruiz: Three sisters in the same boat inside the kayak club in Des Saint-Les-de-Vignes.

To get into the scene in a canoe in regards to the Ruiz sisters, licensed to Esperance Cano-Desise-Saint-Leger-de-Vin, there is, and logically, the much older Laura, who already has a track record of only 20 years old.

And then, of course, Clara, 16, followed suit. Meanwhile, Lisa, 15, followed suit. All this to the delight of the parents, Santiago, the club’s coach, and Lucy.

Before landing in southern Nivernais, the Ruiz family lived in Saint-Jean-de-Losne, on the Côte-d’Or. This is where Laura begins to discipline. “I actually saw my dad training. We talked about it together. My dad told me, give it a try and we’ll see if you want to continue.”

Subsequently, the father became the coach of the decizois club five years ago. “When we got here, I was in the apprentice class. I’ve made my way since then. But it’s true that I didn’t think my sisters would come so quickly, at last, on the boat.”

Laura’s rise was rapid. Clara walked quickly, well done in her footsteps. “I wasn’t pressured, no,” the person in question explains. “At six years old, I already knew. And in June 2007, I took my first steps on a boat. »

“My dad told me, ‘Try it and we’ll see if you want to keep going'”

And as if by magic (or miracle), the Second Sisters quickly found directions to her and proved the blasphemy was straightforward. Even if it was in a state of withdrawal because of the painful meniscus. “Yes, it is a pity. Therefore, I would follow the races of my sisters.”

A little less than two years ago, Laura and Clara were already achieving several milestones almost simultaneously. The latter had honored her first experience with the French national team, by obtaining sixth place in the Olympic Hopes competition. “I thought it was really cool to be successful at this after a few years of practice,” Clara says. Even though I know she still has a long way to go to reach the level of her greatest multi-medalist… at the Olympics hopes in 2017 and at the European Championships in 2019, each time in a two-seater canoe, over 200 and 500 masters.

“Laura is showing us the way, it’s motivating. Yes, I really want to live up to his level. This year, it’s going to be complicated by meniscus, but hey, it’s just a delay.”

skin competition

And then, in small detail, the three sisters also follow each other at the waist. In this mini game, Clara won the gold with 1m 73, followed by…Lisa with 1.72 and Laura with 1m 71. “Sometimes we don’t necessarily agree, but I say I’m the greatest,” Clara says.
Laura, then Clara in the boat, Lisa, decently, could do nothing but make room for herself. “I saw my sisters training, shining at the top of the competitions. I thought it was my turn,” explains the youngest of the siblings. “They helped me, they advised me. I still have a lot to learn. But when I see what they have already accomplished at their age, I tell myself I have every chance at the bottom. »

And this was already achieved with the title of champion of France in the 200m race. “Laura did the Olympics hopes, Clara too. And I’ll love him too. I don’t do everything like my sisters, but because it’s a great competition, very difficult.”

When we ask the three to see if they count their medals and other awards, they answer in unison. “I think they are all in Decize, in our private rooms in regards to the medals. For the cups, there are also some in the club. Because the club in itself is important,” said Laura.

Even if they didn’t say it, the three of them motivate each other quite well.

And my dad Santiago is in all of this? “Laura showed the way Clara swept herself,” she admitted to the person who is also the club’s coach. “Then Clara arrived. Yes, it seemed like a no-brainer. Clara showed skills quickly. I wouldn’t say there was any rivalry between them. But, when you think about it it’s still quite unusual. For example, the Amal Olympics. The two do so within a short time of each other.”

But when we talk to him about all three, right there, he can’t believe it. Clara arrived easily. We didn’t force him into the boat. If the pride of a father? Yes, I wouldn’t say otherwise. Even if they didn’t say it, the three of them motivate each other quite well. »

Clara’s injury thwarted plans. “It’s complicated, all of a sudden, to find all three in the same competition. For example in Libourne, for the French long-distance championships, there’s just Laura and me. It doesn’t matter, you’ll follow Clara from afar on her phone or on the computer,” notes Lisa.

Ruiz’s two oldest sisters have already written their first names in golden letters in high-level competitions. Lisa is on her way. “It has great potential and a large margin for improvement,” admits Santiago Ruiz.

excellent Nivernais has a chance to win medals on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April at the French Cross Country Championships in Libourne

And when they say they could have been… four sisters on board, we easily believe them. “Yeah, that’s right, it could have been fun,” Lisa says. “That would have meant more medals and trophies,” Clara continues. “We don’t know if there are other girls like us, from the same siblings who are competing.”

Laura, Clara and Lisa are, basically, only at the beginning of their adventures. The Ruiz sisters still have long chapters to write in their own boats.

Pierre Briar

Warning, brothers are creative in cohesion

They were four: Patrice, Frederic, Xavier and Christophe, the latter died in 2017. The Warnants family grew up in Rue Marceau, in Nevers, with two cousins ​​from Algeria in 1962.

“Fortunately the neighbors were forgiving,” laughs Patrice, the architect. “Ah yes, the motorbike is in the hallway…” says Xavier, the upholsterer and decorator. The driver was Frederick, the manager. The other three were rather ‘Awesome Papa’.

The siblings, still living in Nevers or its surroundings, recall a happy childhood around an open table, a room in which we divided regions into states (drawn with chalk on the floor), and fathers who encouraged their camaraderie, Colonel Gardener’ Grandfather at the end of the table who watched without judgement Young people have to roll cigarettes…or more.” We didn’t all have the same friends back then. Today, we have a lot of common friends,” Frederic notes.

Supportive and respectful brother

The three, as well as Kristof, who were involved in local politics, fueled their careers with artistic fibers that helped forge links between them, including on a professional level. “We respect each other, we never conflict. But more than integrating, I would say we are in cohesion,” says Patrice.

From the roughness of the stage floor to the softness of textile materials through to the grain of concrete, their areas of activity are a matter of texture and creativity. “Kristof has been into live art. What is politics too?” “We chose more… fun professions?” Frederick asks. “Do you think site meetings are fun? Patrice laughs.

The Warnant brothers congratulate themselves today for passing on to the next generation the taste of sharing and the “cousins” who bring together …

The “longest lasting” brother and sister association.

Rivalry and jealousy are inevitable in siblings. However, it does not mean the impossibility of establishing harmonious relations.

“There is always a struggle for a special place in parents’ hearts, and that’s normal,” explains family therapist Chantal Hertlaub. “It is difficult for an elder to share his place, which was unique, let alone ‘mimic desire’, i.e. desire for what the other has. But this contributes to building a child who learns to distinguish himself from his brothers and sisters to create his own identity, it is a healthy mimicry.”

Hence the role of the parents is to recognize each other’s privacy, without creating competition, through fairness and unwillingness to be equal. “The child sees himself as unique in the eyes of his parents. This allows for growth.”

Brothers and sisters, near or far, involved or indifferent, are the most enduring and long-lasting bond that everyone will have throughout their lives.

Siblings are “social laboratories,” where peer relationships are tested. Each child experiences a range of human feelings and behaviors before moving on to other friendly or romantic relationships. Depending on life periods, a child shapes his or her personality by opposition or identification with his family, and thus with his siblings and his sisters. This will determine his way of being in the world, and then “as a couple or a family. For a therapist, place in sibs cannot truly define personality, because the elements that come into play are diverse, from parental expectations to external events.

Finally, Chantal Hertelope wants to be reassured: “Not because relationships are complicated in childhood they will also be complicated in adulthood. Let us remember that brothers and sisters, near or far, involved or indifferent, are the most enduring and long-lasting bond that everyone will have throughout their lives .. .”

Alice Forges


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