In Quimperlé, Constant Le Dayo rocked the city this weekend with the Festival Enez – Quimperlé

He will celebrate his 29th birthday on Sunday 17 April 2022, during the big party he is organizing in Kimberley. Constant Le Daeux, president of the Ainz Festival, which will take place on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 April, is brimming with ideas to revitalize his city.

It’s only natural that Constant Le Dayo receives his stronghold in Kerou, where he works as a surfing teacher, to discuss Enez Fest, an idea that came to him with Morgane Côme, a graphic designer at Monoro. “During the water jump/DJ event we organized in October with Le Brizeux, we surprised everyone on the sidewalks. This event ensured that people only expect performances, energy and music…With Morgane, we mixed our ideas for a new obesity project,” explains Enez Fest President.

Multi-professional athlete

Jack-of-all-trades Constant Le Dayo has been seen in all kinds of outdoor sports: mountain biking, running, swimming, horse riding, diving, climbing, snowboarding… Most active today though he also practices motocross. and boxing. “I started surfing at the age of 8, in Kerou. I was in sports studies at the Pôle de la Torche and became a teacher at the surfing school.” From the age of 16, he participated in the Kerou Beach Association, of which he became president in 2019, connecting water jumping, from performances to BMX.

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To do dangerous sports

The Enez Festival is a logical continuation of his ideas. The association was established in February. “It all happened very quickly. It is still very ‘quick’ at the moment. We come to Quimperlé with what we are already doing on the coast with Kerou Beach. We connect extreme sports, music, arts, pubs, merchants… all in a great place where our city meets Rivers and roads. The goal is also to be a front for extreme sports. In the United States, it’s been 50 years since they developed this culture… Here young people are interested in it, but only through videos and social networks. We have to show them that it is here too” . Constant Le Dayo is also involved in the Clohars Ski Project. “Sports with excitement, that’s the thing for me. I know a lot of young people are interested in that. I plan to create a structure for extreme sports, but it takes time.”

We come to Quimperlé with what we are already doing on the coast with Kerou Beach.

full of energy

Constant Le Dayo is coming out of the virus period that slowed down life, and he’s bursting with energy. “Seeing the beaches closed during my first booking, I found it absolutely incredible. I was fortunate to be confined to the mountains where I was the most free. Today, we feel things have to move and Enez Fest is designed for that, to bring people together.” With its dense and varied programme, Enez Fest promises a special weekend. “It will be fun and it will be my birthday, 29 years on the 29th, it will surely be festive!”, Constant Le Dayo already laughed.


Enez Fest, Saturday 16 from 2 pm to 1 am: sports, concerts, free radio, tastings and workshops in the lower town of Quimperlé. Sunday April 17, 11 a.m. to 5 a.m.: Sports, banquet, picnic, concerts, performances in Lower Kimberley Town.

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