How to avoid pain on the plane?

Do you suffer from earache when traveling? Often this pain is caused by a decrease in atmospheric pressure, and this pain is actually normal. “we talk traumatic otitislike what can happen in scuba diving,” explains Dr. Amin Harishan, pediatric otolaryngologist and cervical and facial surgery. Also called Barotrauma, it is a ear tissue damage. The specialist determines that Because of the difference in pressure between the atmosphere and the ear cavity that causes this disturbance“.

Actually, Inside the middle ear, the pressure is usually equal to the pressure outside the body. But when you fall suddenly, especially when the plane lands, There is a pressure difference between the middle ear and the outer ear. As a result, the eustachian tube, which allows the evacuation of excess pressure from the middle ear, same blocks. In other words, its blockage prevents the rebalancing of pressure between the external environment and the middle ear. In this case the eardrum is involved, What causes a stuffy ear or pain?. These can even extend into the sinuses (the forehead and above the eyes).

Clogged ears: who are the people at risk?

But while this phenomenon can happen to any traveler, some are still more likely to suffer from it. This is especially the case for people with Cold, sinus, or acute ENT disease Such as nasopharyngitis, ear or throat infection. In addition, having a plug of wax in the ear canal, people who suffer from allergies (asthma) or those who suffer from chronic ear, nose and throat diseases are also more susceptible to these pains.

Earache: How do you treat it?

To avoid suffering from the ears on the plane, “The easiest way to predictAccording to the specialist. Dr. Amin Harishan gives you some advice:

  • Blow your nose properly Or use nasal decongestants to avoid nasal and sinus congestion.
  • chew a gum to open the tube.
  • Practice the Valsalva maneuver Which consists of pinching your nose and exhaling slowly while keeping your mouth closed. It will be helpful to free the Eustachian tube.
  • You can also yawnAnd swallow your salivaAnd Suck on a candy or drink it slowly.

Furthermore, according to Amin Harishan, Children will be more likely to have earache when the plane is landing. This is mainly due to their “unable to ‘unblock’ their nose or do the Valsalva maneuver,” the specialist points out.

user, These simple tricks solve the problem in less than 24 hours. However, if the pain persists, “if you feel dizzy or lose hearing, it is essential to see a specialist,” advises the otolaryngologist.

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