Graulhet. Invitation to a natural event in Lac de Nabeillou

The city’s union and sports life service is actively preparing for the tenth edition of “Naturabeillou”, the nature event that combines sport, nature and the environment.

The appointment is set for Saturday, May 20, from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., on the Nabeillou website. On the edge of Lake Nabeillou, in the heart of its green surroundings, visitors can enjoy mountain biking, climbing, archery, canoeing, fishing and why not test their balance with tightrope (belt walking). These pavilions and workshops will complement this range of sports and leisure activities in the heart of nature. Indeed, environmental awareness (sorting, composting, waste prevention), the “Storm” workshop for making kites, a cultural and creative space will allow you to have fun, but also to learn. “A snack and a cup will be provided to the children participating in the activities. Everything is of course recyclable,” defines Manuel Casdo, of the Social and Sports Life Service at City Hall and Headquarters, since the establishment of this event. “We have not been able to organize Naturabeillou for the past two years due to the health crisis associated with Covid 19. It is therefore a new challenge for us. Each edition attracts more than 1,000 people, many of whom come from all over the administration,” adds his collaborator, Farid Masoudi. The on-site associations organize various exploratory workshops throughout the year. “We support them. The union fabric is vital in a municipality of over 10,000 inhabitants,” notes Olivier Blans, head of the service. At the end of this day, participants will be able to attend the creation of Esacto’Lido. 5 students from the School of Circus Arts in Toulouse Occitanie will give a show called “Du coq à l’âme”. Each figure plunges the viewer into committed artistic worlds where the mastery of circus arts is intertwined with theatre, dance and music. Mayor Blaise Aznar ensures the day’s success: “It is important that we meet, more often with family, to discover and share these moments, in a quiet haven like the site of Nabeillou.” Please note that all activities offered are free of charge. Another reason to go, on Saturday, May 21, around this wonderful lake. Richard Bornia More information: 05 63 42 85 50.

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