Goal Domain: Kayaking, an economical alternative?

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On the confluence of love for rivers, nature, and a commitment to a better world, meet Jules Domine. Jules is the one nobody talks about, but he’s the best invitation to go on an expedition. Anyone see kayaking as an economical alternative.


River fiber boats, fleece jacket without quilts or neoprene. Suffice it to say, Jules has been in a swamp kayak since birth. His parents practiced under very different circumstances than today. But they were already registering their offspring in the Super 8 movie which they then watched with the kids. And very quickly Jules feels this thirst for discovery, too.

“I started kayaking at a very young age. TSo small that I don’t remember it. It’s a picture of me at the edge of a lake, with paddle in hand, ready to get on board that immortalized this moment. »

Goal Domain

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Jules Domine has more than one trick up his sleeve. He cut his teeth while working foam kayaking in Grenoble, in the land of jewels, where he discovered kayaking in Grenoble Alps canoe kayak. And very quickly it does not follow the Federal line, at least not only. He discovers slalom and incline at the regional circuit and then in the French championships as a student.

But at the same time, every day he understands a little more what is meant by it. This means continuing to progress and being independent in discovering his passion. Or, go ahead and continue the path of a French competitor. He has seen his parents defy the torrents and have a hard time finding the freedom he was able to realize at a very young age. During his early years, the only perspective he had about the sport was training camps and competitions. Very quickly, he found that very restrictive.

Why would it cycle through the cells of a stopwatch, in Class 2 to respect foolish rules and constrain its lines between pegs gently swaying in sandstone to gusts of wind while one could travel freely on wild rivers?

Kayak as a tool for freedom

Therefore, he is largely thanks to his immeasurable curiosity and the help of his parents as well as the help of the “big men” of his club, as Jules gradually approaches wild rivers and plastic boats. At the age of 13, he moved to Alaska with his family, and here everything accelerated. He was already worried about being restricted by the competitive forms of his sport, and then received a slap in the face.

I understood the main advantage of kayaking. againstBeing a very efficient and entertaining mode of transportation, allowing access to unexplored areas! Imagine you’re used to getting in a van and going through gates in Saint-Pierre-de-Beauve and suddenly, kayaking means taking a small plane, going to a lake in the middle of a glacier and descending hundreds of kilometers down a river? It was a mind-boggling discovery that was forever unfathomable!

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