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GHC, Keep Paulding Beautiful and the City of Dallas community come together to clean up the downtown Dallas area.

TJ Anderson, a computer science major at Paulding, points to his recycling bag that gave him a $25 gift card. (Photo by Abby Chestnut)

The GHC Paulding campus celebrates Earth Day on April 21, the day before the official April 22. The event was spearheaded by Green Highlands Faculty Advisor Alexandra Reiter and Paulding Campus Manager Christina Henggeler.
2022 marks the 12th anniversary of Green Highlands hosting an Earth Day event.
Earth Day has been observed as a national holiday since 1970. According to the official Earth Day website, the holiday is meant to inspire all Americans to go green and protect the earth they call home. This is an opportunity for citizens to be involved in their community.
This year’s Earth Day theme is “Investing in Our Planet”.
This event is open to GHC students and community members to bring environmental awareness to residents and learn about how to give back to the community.
“I’ve spoken to a lot of students who say they always want to take their time and do something, but everyone is very busy,” Reiter says. “Well, this is a way to give back not only to GHC, but also to society and by picking up trash.”
Green Highlands sponsors a Recycling Contest for GHC students to bring recyclable waste from their homes and donate to Green Highlands for recycling. A $25 gift card provided by the club is awarded to the winner.

Jody Martin, assistant city clerk for the City of Dallas, picks up trash next to Dallas Main Street. (Photo by Abby Chestnut)

“I was very surprised by the amount of recycling [students] bring it in and it makes me happy to see it because I am a big man on Earth Day,” said Hengeler.
Hengeler donated tomato plants for the Plant-Grow-Harvest table set up at the event. The plants are free to take for anyone to help promote the experience of growing their own food. The Paulding Library hosted a Sow-Grow-Glow table for participants to plant the flower seeds of their choice to take home and nurture.
Keep Paulding Beautiful and the City of Dallas also participate to promote environmental awareness and bring in the local community.
“We are very fortunate to be placed in the community for what it is… in the friendships we have with the community,” Hengeler said.
Keep Paulding Beautiful has been involved in Earth Day celebrations since the event’s conception, according to representative Robert Cabrera.
“It’s bringing the city in, it’s bringing students in, it’s getting the Georgian Highlands involved with the City of Dallas, so it’s a really great project for us,” Cabrera said.

Alexandra Reiter, assistant professor of communications and faculty advisor to Green Highlands, gathers the crowd before Trash Flash Mob begins. “Let’s be trash,” he said. (Photo by Abby Chestnut)

Keep Paulding Beautiful sponsors a Trash Flash Mob event where students and other residents can compete to see who picks up the most trash in the area. A $25 gift card was provided by the organization to the winner.
The Dallas City Department of Health baked hotdogs and hamburgers for participants and provided chips and drinks.
“According to me [the Earth Day event] good. I hope more people will participate and more people will be involved,” said Claudia Miles, GHC nursing major. “I mean, it’s important for us to do our part in keeping our communities clean.”
Miles adds that he loves the community outreach that GHC has on all campuses.
The winner of the Recycle Contest and Trash Flash Mob was TJ Anderson, a GHC Paulding student and major in computer science.
“I want to contribute to my community. It’s really rewarding,” Anderson said. “It’s great to be able to contribute in ways other than academically, so it’s like giving back to the community that helped raise me.”
Earth Day events aren’t just for show. GHC takes steps to go green in day-to-day operations on campus and campuses.
“You can celebrate Earth Day and go green with small choices you make every day like shopping local, growing your own food, just planting flowers helps give back to Earth because you take care of the soil,” Hengeler said. .

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