From kayaking to electric mountain biking

old life. From kayaking to electric mountain biking at Asv’olt.

After more than 40 years of experience in canoeing, Asv’Olt is diversifying its activities and embarking on electric-assisted mountain biking: a new way to discover the Lot Valley with its beautiful trails and trails and electric assistance that give everyone access to the most beautiful views of the Lot and Troyer valleys.

from next month

To enjoy these landscapes without worrying about which route to follow, a GPS is provided to each group with a choice of five pre-recorded routes from the most family-friendly to the sportiest for day or half-day. It is also possible to request an instructor during the spring and fall seasons for a customized and innovative outing. From the base of Vieillevie and around Entraygues-sur-Truyère, each route will allow you to discover a side of the Lot Valley and will allow you to wander around Golinhac, Espeyrac, Banhars, Puy de Montabes or even Ginolhac and Le Fel.

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“We have acquired a large fleet of electric mountain bikes thanks to a shop in Aurillac, as Fabien Bruha defines, sports animation. In our quality logic, it was clear working with local residents who allowed us to choose bikes adapted to our activity. Asv’Olt offers Three ranges of bikes, from semi-rigid to top-notch full suspension for the most expert.”

reservations. On or at, activity is available from 1 Verse June.


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