French Count. A couple in their sixties from Dobbs disappears in the Mediterranean

What happened to Joel and Nadine Guit? This is the question on the minds of their three children. Thise couple, lovers of water travel, left on April 19th to conquer the Mediterranean. They had planned to sail around the island of Kythira, Greece, on their light boat, along the coast. But since this departure, their relatives have not heard from them. The locals simply found a kayak and some of their belongings at the bottom of the bay. Their three children: Laurent, Damien and Jonathan went to the scene at the beginning of May to try to get answers. without result.

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“They’ve done this kind of trip for years. They’d go kayaking to explore an area or country,” explains Damien, one of the sons. Joel and Nadine used to go on adventures around the world. “They’ve already done Greenland, Polynesia, Sweden, Thailand or even Canada.” Joel, a fan of boating since his youth, is the president of the “Les Eaux Sauvage” club. “My mother started when I met him.”

In mid-April, the couple took the direction of Greece. “They left on April 19. They had to walk around the island for a week.” The two sexes on the plane took food, necessary for temporary stays for a week. According to information collected by Damien, people saw them leaving the port and “walking along the coast.” “This is the last trace we have of them.”

The car is still at the scene

In France, the family did not feel anxious during the early days. They had cut off their phones on previous expeditions. My sister tried calling them a week after they left but couldn’t get them. They had to board the boat a few days later to get back. Since we’re still short on news, we’re starting to get worried. Since then, the children have contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the relevant authorities on the island. People saw that their vehicle was still parked at the site. There we told ourselves that it is not normal. In parallel, the search was immediately carried out and the children decided to go to Greece.

A kayak and its belongings were found

On the 28th day, photos of a kayak and objects found by a fisherman, a few kilometers from the starting point, were sent. While going to the scene, we found out that the weather was not ideal on the day they left. “Obviously it has strengthened without announcing this deterioration,” Damien says with a heavy heart. We don’t understand because they didn’t venture abroad. If they capsized, why can’t they go back to shore? Questions race in the minds of their children. “Did they have a problem?” Did they try to turn around? Did they drown? The questions remain unanswered.

Immediately, the authorities stopped the inspection. Only locals and fishermen still roam the area. For Laurent, Jonathan and Damien, the days pass without news. “From now on, we don’t have much hope,” concludes the latter, overwhelmed by emotion.

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