Franklin Templeton Celebrates Earth Day and Moon

Published 29-04-22

Presented by Franklin Templeton

April 22 marks the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day. This year’s theme “Investing in Our Earth” is focused on engaging the individuals, governments, institutions and businesses participating in Earth Day to recognize shared responsibilities and help accelerate the transition to a green economy that is just, prosperous, for all.

Franklin Templeton employees celebrate Earth Day by planting trees, cleaning parks, and participating in educational events. Some take personal challenges like Zero Emissions for a Day and commit to walking, cycling, or taking public transit.

Earth Hour

As part of the Earth Day 2022 environmental initiative, on March 26 Franklin Templeton participated in Earth Hour, a symbolic event intended to catalyze positive environmental impact and bring attention to collective action. For one hour on Saturday, March 26, between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. local time, site facility manager Franklin Templeton was encouraged to participate by turning off office signs and lights. All employees are encouraged to join the initiative and voluntarily turn off the lights at home as well.

Green Iza in the forest

Earth Week

Throughout April, employees receive daily updates with ideas for green actions they can take to act for the environment not only Earth Day but every day. Employees learn the language of climate change, simple ways to fight plastic pollution, what sustainable fashion is, and more.

During the week of April 17th, Franklin Templeton’s Global Green Team encourages employees to engage in activities from home that contribute to environmental awareness and stewardship in our communities.

Globally, many employees participate in various cleaning events held in their communities to support environmental efforts. In the US, employees in Connecticut participate in local beach clean-ups, and volunteer Baltimore employees join forces for spring clean-ups at local park homes. In Poland, employees take a clean walk around their neighborhood to pick up trash.

Plant Trees with FT

On Earth Day, employees are invited to support the Canopy Project by donating to the Earth Day Network. Franklin Templeton will match employee contributions to up to 750 trees in honor of the company’s 75th anniversary.

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