First paddle strokes

When we talk about Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle, very few think first of Loire, forgetting that the city lies within the vicinity that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However, the Bridge of Europe defines the southeast corner of the city, and the Berges d’Houlippe, which has just begun its work, is on its territory. This is where the tow lane passes, which leads to the Parc de la Chilesse, where the stéoruellane base of the Val de Loire Alliance for Canoes and Kayaks (which includes several clubs in the area) is located.

Blessing exercises on Wednesday nights

This Saturday is organized as a day of leisure to discover the Loire on the water, silently, and sportily, in a discreet boat that allows to awaken all the senses.

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Christophe Lecomte and Sandrine Pasquiere, the club’s secretary, welcome visitors and escort them into the water, or rather, into the water. There’s also Stefan, Equipment Manager: kayaks, speed kayaks, slalom, sea kayaks… and then you need single, double, long, more or less paddles, deck skirts… and all the equipment you need. ‘Maintenance.

A truck is used to transport people and boats. This allows athletes to be put at the forefront; Or bring it downstream. It could be a day trip from Gargou (24 kilometers) or towards Munich-sur-Loire.

On Saturday, Ludovic threw himself into the water with his two children, Nathan and Leo: they listened to Kristof’s advice, and they met other kayakers who walked meandering between the piles of the Royal Bridge.

While waiting to master the machine, they can go to the Corbuluts pool every Wednesday at 8pm, thus taming their kayak, protected from bad weather, in the water at 28°C.

This summer, in the face of an influx of candidates, it will be necessary to hire seasonal workers, especially since the camp site will be open, many tourists have already booked.

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The club’s 40 members, of all ages, have regular activities and outings. Like, for example, the descent of the Loire to Saumur in four days, at the end of May. That’s about 200 kilometers: a lot of paddle strokes in perspective.


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