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The professions of domestic help have been severely affected by the current economic situation, and in particular by the increase in fuel prices at service stations. Icaunais employers provide financial aid to mitigate the impact of this increase on their employees on a daily basis. A salary increase is also considered. Thus Aurore Delalande appreciates, for example, the temporary financial assistance provided last April (retroactive as of February 1, 2022) by the national ADMR network and its management associations. called a “fuel check”,
This scale results in Yonne by re-evaluating the pointer indicator
Mileage from 0.35 to 0.40 euros until May 31, 2022. “It’s always good to take”.

a tool

For a long time, it was a taboo subject, in a society where the farm is passed down from generation to generation. Things change little by little. In recent years, farmers who left everything are no longer isolated cases, at least in Burgundy-Franche-Comte where the Regional Council established a system called Tournesol four years ago. Service presented as “unique in France”.

a test

Each month, our Artistic Gesture section focuses on a precise and important gesture for a system. It’s kayak time today, which our journalist tried to identify with Mikael Orto, the Auxerre’s Olympic canoe coach and member of the French sprint team. Auxerre coach sets the scene quickly. “There is a distortion in the minds of many,” he warns. “I often hear people say it has to be a good arm muscle, when in fact 50% of the work in the sprint will actually be the abdominals and the legs. So is rowing in a straight line and with a complex rhythm? Answering this test with orders from Auxerre coach Michael Orto.



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