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Last April, at Les Sables d’Olonne, Tom Laperche won his third title at Solo Maître Coq in a row. His way of silencing those who thought that after his independent work on Ultimate on the Transat Jacques Vabre 2021 (Editor’s note: 2nd with François Gabart), he would have had all the trouble in the world finding the impetus to develop the Figaro 3, that’s right, much less fun than a fast-flying Trimeran plane 40 knots.

“It’s not easy at all.”

Motivation, he still has. Gnac also as evidenced by his three victories In Le Havre: “It’s rare that you win so much in a championship. I won three races but there was a good fight up front. There are 6 or 7 of us sailing really well, there’s a great level and it’s not easy at all.”

Tom Labersch is in great shape this year! (photo by Alexis Corco)

It’s been three years since Tom Laberchie won the Figaro Circuit, performing from the start. Which makes him very proud even if he knows that the only things we’ll remember from his time in this highly demanding series are his performances in Solitaire du Figaro. Third last year, he’s chasing victory this summer: “Obviously the goal of the year,” says the man who wants to finish performing in style with “a Brittany CMP performance”.

Sardines Cup with Morgan Lagravier

His bow in Ultimate didn’t turn his head either. He almost made his job easier on a single design. “Ultime and Figaro 3 are very different, but when you’re sailing on a big boat and back in Figaro, you’re back in a game. You don’t have concerns about maneuvers or speed. It’s easier to manage. On the other hand, winning in Figaro is complicated.”

In ten days, Trinitine will be on the starting line for the Sardinia Cup, a round trip between Saint-Gilles Croix de Vie and Portugal that he will co-locate with Morgan Lagravier. Suffice it to say that there is still one place on the podium …

Tom Laberschie, Figaro Bretagne CMB Performance, winner of the Le Havre Almere 2022 Cup - Le Havre 05/28/2022
Podiums: Tom Laberchi (Position / First), Louis Berrihar (Left / Second) and Guillaume Beruel. (photo by Alexis Corco)

General classification (after three races):

1. Tom LaBerchy (CMB performance for Brittany) 8 points

2. Louis Brihar (Skipper McKeeff, 2021) 20 points

3. Guillaume Pirouelle (Normandy) 34 points

4. Corentin Horeau (Blue Mutual) 36 points

5. Alan Roberts (Seacat Services) 58 points

6. Erwan Ladrolek (Skipper Makeif 2020)

7 Tom Dolan (Smurfette Kappa Kingspan)

8 – Basile Borgnon (Edenried)

9. Gaston Morvan (CMB Hope for Brittany)

10. Philip Hartz (National Navy – Sea Corporation)

11. Pep Costa (B Team)

12. Nils Palmieri (Staff)

13. Benoit Mariette (Sunni generation)

14. Elodie Bonafos (Queguiner – Life in Pink)

15. Charlotte Even (Team Fendi coaching – base shoes)

16 – Mile Garnier (Ageas – Team Baie de St Brieuc)

17. Alexis Thomas (Charente Maritime)

18. Robin Volyn (Bay of Saint Tropez – Exceptional Territory)

19. Jules Delepch (Orcom)

20. Kenneth Rumbal (Outdoor Racing Academy)

21 – Laurent Bourguès (#became partners)

22. Chloé Le Bars (Brittany Region CMB Océane)

23. Davy Beaudart (@Nautymor)

24. Sanni Beucke (Sanni Beucke Sailing)

25. Roman Richard (Health Passion – Trans-Form)

26 – Conor Fogerty (Raw)

27. Laurent Givry (Cape Horn)

28- The veil of angels.

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