ET 1, ET 2 ET 3 – 0 The six favorite football prediction apps for Brussels residents

Everyone knows that when it comes to football betting, you need to know the stats. Which team has the best home score? How many clean sheets has the goalkeeper achieved away from home? Does this match have a history of being one-sided?

However, getting reliable live statistics and trends can be very challenging. Look no further, we bring you 6 of the best football prediction apps to get you the best tips and stats.

When it comes to discussing the best football betting apps, Overlyzer ranks among the best. This innovative app targets sports bettors by offering amazing features such as:

  • Wide range of live stats. Overlyzer allows its members to follow thousands of matches from more than 1,000 tournaments and competitions around the world. With such a selection of sports available, it is almost impossible not to find a bet that offers good odds with minimal risks.
  • Flexible sports filter options. It is almost impossible to follow dozens of matches at the same time. That’s why the platform allows you to control using Fully filtered football statsDesigned to suit your preferences and betting style. For example, you can set an alert to show you live matches only when it looks like a team is about to score.
  • Innovative artificial intelligence based on a reliable algorithm. How do we distinguish useful statistics from a mass of information? The answer is that you don’t have to. The platform gives you full access to artificial intelligence for a high win rate that will help you find the best combination of high odds selections with the least possible exposure to risk.
  • Comprehensive set of analysis and charting tools. Not only will you have access to some of the best football analysis tools available, but they are also provided to you in easy-to-read formats such as graphs and tables. This allows you to quickly browse and enter the wide range of information the platform provides on a large number of sports, selections and trends.

Overlyzer offers all these great features and more. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can also follow her on YouTube for more in-depth explanations on how the platform works and tips on how to use it to build a successful strategy.

#2 Sofa Score

Another great app that any serious sports betting fan should have is SofaScore. In total, you can find 25 sports and more than 5000 championships in this app.

  • Player stats, ratings and heatmaps (for the 38 most popular leagues). Heatmap features is a location-specific feature that represents player activity on the field. Thanks to these, you will be able to find all the transfers, strengths and weaknesses regarding all the football players in the best leagues in the world. It is important to know how to bet because the strategic side of the team is subject to analysis.
  • attack momentum (With SofaScore’s unique algorithm). Attack Momentum is a unique and new way to follow your favorite matches live. Using a complex algorithm, the application gives you the possibility to visualize the direction of the match and dominance in terms of opportunities. Once you know about AttackMomentum, you won’t be able to do without it to make your bets.
  • discussion space At your disposal to share your passion and receive advice. Another strong point of the app, you can connect to the site’s community, see their predictions, and chat with them in the designated space. The app community will help you win your bets.

In short, SofaScore is a database of sports events that in itself collects all kinds of information in 14 popular sports: football, hockey, basketball, tennis, handball, baseball, rugby, American and Australian football, water polo, futsal, volleyball, billiards and darts. The app is available on Google Play, Android, and iOS.

#3 FotMob

FotMob is a sports betting service that specializes in football statistics, live scores and news. The platform provides up-to-date information on the latest scores, player ratings and topics from the world of professional football.

  • Free app. Just download the app and then you can consult everything without having to pay anything. This way, you can save your money on this app which offers completely free content unlike some apps of the same type.
  • More than one effective alert system. The app also triggers alerts that you can use to make sure you don’t miss an event, no matter the circumstances.
  • News in the FotMob . hub. Another feature that makes you happy, breaking news in real time so that you do not miss any football news and be able to know everything without being late for information.
  • Suggestion to make your hobby your livelihood. Football is the greatest passion in life? That’s fine, you can work in this field by joining the FotMob team that offers job offers to expand their team, so feel free to apply in the “We’re hiring” section of the app.

As you understand, FotMob is aimed directly at football fans and even offers to contribute to the development of this application. Note that you can find FotMob on your Android or iOS smartphone.

#4 StatArea

At first glance, StatArea looks like any other football stats app. But upon closer inspection, we see that the app applies a unique and very effective strategy.

  • guides ranking. StatArea analyzes users’ predictions by ranking them according to their good predictions. This gives you two sets of data, one of which is the probabilities arrived at by the platform’s algorithm and the other is the expectations of the users.
  • Online shop for the fan that you are. The app has an online store link that offers you all kinds of items bearing the image of your favorite team to show that you support your team as you should.
  • Comparison option, real added value. In StatArea, there is the possibility to compare two teams with each other in all kinds of important stats, which should not be neglected to help you decide on the winner of the match and choose the best possible odds.
  • Expert forecast. The application also allows you to refer to the predictions of experts in the field, this way you can determine if you are unsure of a match.

Now, the platform no longer holds any secrets for you. Go ahead and download it in desktop version or mobile version.

#5 Football 24

The number of leagues and competitions you can watch from the Futbol24 app is exceptional. scores directly. Their team also offers cross-team comparisons and great free bets.

  • real time speed. The app has set up an update system so that everything is listed live, and the app describes itself as the fastest in the world.
  • Ease of navigation. Futbol24 offers such a simple presentation that you do not have any difficulty when using it, and everything is believed to be as convenient as possible.
  • Free bets. Another plus side, the app offers you by clicking a tab to find free bets, you won’t have to spend a lot of money at all to make your predictions successful.
  • Target alert. When a goal is scored, regardless of the country in which it occurs, you will be notified with a notification that will be issued by the application.

You can install the app on your Android or iOS smartphone to be one step ahead of other guides.

#6 is probably one of the most popular names on this list. For years, this site has been your trusted source for football news, stats, and predictions. One of the reasons for this confidence is the quality of its information, both in terms of news and its forecasts.

  • Highlights. brings you video content to stand out from the competition. These videos are, for example, interviews with coaches and players, match highlights, highlights like best goals, to name a few.
  • An app for Dutch speakers. distinguishes itself from other sites by being in Dutch, so the Dutch speaking part of Brussels could also have its own football app.
  • Quality Elements. In this app you will also find articles written by sports journalists, which are, again, a point of differentiation with other sites on the same topic.
  • Fun video section. This aspect will appeal to most players among you. offers all kinds of content about FIFA 22, so you can combine your biggest passion while browsing this app

Now all you have to do is to immediately download this app on your Android or iOS device to get the best possible experience of following football and prove that you are a true football fan.


Successful football betting without the right predictions and the right stats is very complicated. That’s why you need best soccer prediction sites like the ones above to take your strategy to the next level and show your mentor skills. We wish you successful bets and remind you not to overuse sports betting and online gambling. good game !

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