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Paris 2024 has just published a new market: AMI – Partnership Category – Standard and Competition Sports Equipment.

The Need for Paris 2024

In order to support its growth, Paris 2024 wishes to establish a partnership mechanism to cover its furniture and equipment needs at the Olympic and Paralympic Games sites.

With regard to sports equipment, the needs are expressed by lot:

Groups that bring together specific, standard sports equipment that can be shared across disciplines

  • group 1: Purchase, supply and storage of sports equipment for Olympic and Paralympic sports,
  • Batch 2: Standard sports equipment for Olympic and Paralympic sports (fog horns, pumps, pressure gauges, competition flags, flag poles, whistles, chases, chalk, binoculars, paperboards, hand scoreboards, bells, benches, touch pads, cones, arm badges , crates, in-game pieces, sticky tapes, counters, labels, safety pins, chests and raffle balls, cable ties, trigger guns and life jackets),
  • Batch 3: Fitness equipment needed for warm-up and exercise,
  • batch 4: sports flooring,
  • Batch 5: scales for various sports,
  • Batch 6: equipment for measuring meteorological data,
  • Batch 7: Sports starting equipment used in schools, clubs,

Groups that combine different types of sports equipment according to the sport

  • Batch 8: gymnastics equipment,
  • Batch 9: badminton sports equipment,
  • Batch 10: shooting sports equipment,
  • Batch 11: taekwondo equipment,
  • Batch 12: rugby sports equipment for training,

Kits that collect different kinds of water sports equipment

  • Batch 13: boat scales,
  • Batch 14: lane lines regatta, kayaking, canoe spar and kayaking events,
  • Batch 15: Anti-wave system for sprinting canoe, kayaking, small boat, kayaking events,
  • Batch 16: rowing boats,
  • Batch 17: bara rowing boats,
  • Batch 18: Slalom boat repair service,
  • Batch 19: kayak and slalom repair service,
  • Batch 20: kayak service and repair in extreme slalom,
  • Batch 21 : kayak repair service (single, two-seater, and four-seater),
  • Batch 22: Kayak repair service (single seat)
  • Batch 23: Canoe racing and repair service (two-seater or two-seater),
  • Batch 24: Va’a de para boat and repair service,
  • Batch 25: Scales for measuring length and width for canoe and kayak events,
  • Batch 26: Equipment for whitewater boat safety team members for canoe and kayak events,
  • Batch 27: Rowing helmets, jackets and skirts,
  • Batch 28: rowing oars and associated repair service,
  • Batch 29: buoys for water events,
  • Batch 30: independent buoys for sailing events,
  • Batch 31: Swimming lanes, modern pentathlon, water polo playing area,
  • Batch 32: water polo balls,

Kits that bring together different types of specific sports equipment

  • Batch 33: BMX freestyle competition area and warm-up area,
  • Batch 34: skateboard street, skateboard park and warm-up areas,
  • Batch 35: canopy basketball events 3 x 3,
  • Batch 36: Load-bearing frame SAE (Synthetic Climbing Structure) integrates weather cover and platform,
  • Batch 37: blind soccer field,
  • Batch 38: blind soccer goals and rebound boards,
  • Batch 39: Hockey corner goals and posts. Shelters and seating for hockey teams and technical hockey officials,
  • batch 40: handball goals
  • batch 41: sitting volleyball poles and nets,
  • Batch 42: rugby posts,
  • Batch 43: Training and competition rings, punching bags, gallows, training dummies,
  • Batch 44: fencing chair ties,
  • Batch 45: fencing and modern pentagonal control equipment,
  • Batch 46: Repair service, body threads, fence threads, and modern pentagram masks.

Partnership principles

The main objective pursued by the conclusion of these partnership contracts is Finding cash financing Essential for organizing the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

? So the candidate must, in his proposal, indicate the amount of cash contribution he is proposing.

A commitment to acting

Paris 2024 attaches importance to Social and Environmental Responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility).

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Deadline for submission of bids: Monday, June 13, 2022 at 11:59 PM 4:00 PM

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