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Since its inception, Earth Day has been an opportunity to advocate for a cleaner planet – but in 2022, climate change brings a higher level of concern for global environmental change.

Communities in Arizona and across the country went into effect April 23, calling for new investments in clean energy, green jobs, and environmental justice.

Environmental Defense Fund grassroots campaign coordinator Emma Benninghoff said they hoped to turn the energy from Earth Day demonstrations into a year-round campaign for climate action.

“I think we’re in a race to limit the harmful effects of climate change,” said Benninghoff. “Having hundreds of volunteers and activists together during Earth Week is an opportunity to really show broad support for climate action.”

Benninghoff said while the US House of Representatives has passed a $550 billion plan to invest in clean energy and transportation, more work is needed to get approval in the Senate.

He said thousands of people joined Earth Day activities in rallies across the country, including the event in Arizona.

“In Phoenix,” Benninghoff said, “we heard from elected officials, tribal leaders, community leaders, City Council members during the rally. It’s estimated that over 400 people were in attendance at the Arizona State Capitol.”

Benninghoff said Earth Day events in Phoenix and other cities featured elected officials, community leaders, students and social justice activists talking about the importance of climate advocacy.

“It is imperative for our nation and the world to overcome this crisis,” said Benninghoff. “I hear a lot on the ground that people understand the urgency of this issue and the impact of this crisis.”

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