Dunkirk Thomas Ruyant returns to his land before he returns to the sea

The captain, a native of Malo-les-Bains, makes a pilgrimage to his stronghold from April 29 to May 1. On the list: Introducing the latest generation of Imoca, sharing experiences with the public and cruise, before resuming racing abroad.

Coming home to Saint-Malo captain. From April 29 to May 1, Thomas Royant will stop in Dunkirk to present new Imoca latest generation LinkedOut and share it with the public. Roam on familiar territory before setting off on your own again.

A great program has been prepared for the occasion (see tweet below). The sailor will be available all weekend to share his experience, sign autographs, show his sailboat, etc. “I always feel proud to come back to Dunkirk to view my boats and find the people that matter to me,” He explains.

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Aboard Imoca by Thomas Royant

© Emmanuel Quinart / France TV

For those who won’t stand a chance to board the failed monocoque at Linkedout, Team France 3 Nord Pas-de-Calais did so on Thursday, April 28. You’ll discover a photo preview (below) of Northherner on a trip, with his boat used during the last Vendée Globe, and the boat that will sail to the next Rhum Route. A new Imoca is under construction and will be ready to go to sea in January 2023.

This is where Thomas Royant learned his first sailing lessons, on Lake Banks-de-Flander to be exact. “It’s a tough body of water, very formative. You have to hold on. It’s a wonderful school from which big names in sailing have emerged like Bertrand Basset, François Lamyot, Jerry Trenteau, Joy Sitten, or Pascal not the one he missed so much”, make him know.

Since then, the child of the North has turned into an outstanding navigator, aligning himself with the largest of the seas. From winning the Transat Jacques Vabre 2021 to sixth place at the Vendée Globe last year, Thomas Ruyant, 40, has a rich track record.

This weekend in his stronghold, which promises to be warm, does not cause the sailor’s goals to be forgotten. On May 8th, the Guaidar Bermuda 1000 . will start in Brest. before dropping on Rome Road on November 6.

Every trip to the sea is an opportunity for the sailor To adjust details. This was the case during the delivery of Imoca between Lorient and Dunkirk. “Cruising upwind in the canal allows us to adjust a number of small technical points to go near the bottom of the wind”, Determines. In ocean races, nothing is left to chance.

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