Dive into the Natural Resources Authority’s ‘Shadow Agreement’

Far from crowded auditoriums, members of freedom ring From the NRA reveals the real activities of the arms lobby.

On the third floor of the massive Houston Convention Center, far from the noise and hustle of the National Rifle Association’s annual gun show, a luxury suite is closed to regular NRA members. It was intended for the gun lobby’s largest donors belonging to the “gun lobby”. freedom ring Here, big donors can pull themselves out of the crowd, dive into the leather sofas, and relax and marvel at two massive, surreal taxidermy installations, including one depicting a grizzly bear killing a moose.

The NRA likes to go after” elites (in Hollywood and in the media) accusing her of throwing the nation into what she describes as gun hysteria after the shooting as the one that killed 21 at an elementary school in Ovaldi, Texas. The organization presents itself as the staunch defender of ordinary people against The world’s strongest, most deceitful and brutal enemy As NRA President Wayne LaPierre said in a speech Saturday to NRA members.

But at its annual meeting in Houston, the NRA held the prestigious Shadow Conference for their own elite, which includes plenty of gunmakers and dealers. these events” freedom ring Highlighting how the NRA has transformed from a pro-Second Amendment organization focused on the freedom interests of its members to a front group for the arms industry itself.

Today, the NRA is best understood as a strong advocate for the arms trade. The NRA doesn’t sell guns, but it sells fear that sells guns. Its lobbyists in Washington and state capitals across the country are scrambling to block restrictions on the types of guns dealers can sell and open new markets, including passing concealed carry laws, until American consumers buy not just one gun. Home, but buy another to go to town. When school massacres happen, the NRA pushes to expand the market into the classroom, which could turn more than 3 million teachers in the country into arms buyers.

The NRA welcomes affluent members to freedom ring If they pay at least a thousand dollars a year. These people can rub on the shoulders of the big gun lobby’s donors, who give more than a million dollars for life, and who take their place in the ” gold freedom ring These people, most of whom are executives in the firearms industry, are given gold jackets that classify them as VIPs in the conference lobby.

The annual meeting in Houston included a series of special events for these great personalities, which were not announced to the members of the NRA. These elites were invited to arrive a day early, and stay at the luxurious Marriott Marquis (with a state-of-the-art Texas lazy pool and private driveway to the convention center, wisely avoiding the crowd of protesters on the sidewalks below). got program rolling rock These NRA dignitaries say they began celebrating Thursday, just two days after the Uvalde massacre, with a morning skeet shooting session and ” NRA Ring of Freedom Industry Partners Lunch (The list of attendees has not been disclosed, but the NRA is among those.” Ten major industrial allies Companies such as Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, and Glock).

The NRA hosted Friday morning in the George Bush Great Hall of the Convention Center freedom ring A guard stood at the entrance to keep the regular members at bay, but from the door, NRA CEO Wayne Pierre could be seen on a big screen, honoring Larry and Brenda Butterfield, founders of Midway USA, an online gun store that was the main sponsor of the convention. He gave them the award. NRA Defender of Freedom “.

In the midst of Friday night’s sermons, when even Donald Trump and LaPierre pretended to mourn the Uvald children, Butterfields took to the podium to highlight the power of money in the NRA. They were keeping a whopping $21 million check, representing the total of NRA donations from their program. round up which allows buyers to send a small accessory to the assembly for every firearm purchase.

That evening, on the ballroom at the nearby Hilton, the NRA hosted a dinner and auction in favor of the lobbying arm, NRA-ILA. This closed event was announced as featuring ” Second Amendment leaders, industry executives, and special guests to bid on items including Engraved firearms, artwork and unique items “.

Sunday Grand Ole Night of Freedom Concert By the NRA it was canceled after all the artists withdrew, out of respect for Uvalde’s victims. The NRA did not say whether the reception ” Cigars and bourbon Planned after maintaining the concert.

Tim Dickinson

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