Discover Central America and the Dominican Republic from their “Origin” PACA Economic and Political Bulletin

The Origin encourages travelers to learn about the archeology, culture, and nature that shaped the world we know today.

In Central America and the Dominican Republic, cultures are diverse and vibrant, and tourists can travel to the region to experience these cultures up close.

L’Agence de promotion touristique de l’Amérique centrale (CATA) a lancé une nouvelle campagne de promotion intitulée « El Origen » (L’Origine), invitant les voyageurs à découvrir l’archéologie, la culture et la nature qui ont cette façonn District. The campaign highlights must-try experiences while staying in Central America and the Dominican Republic: travel back in time to discover millennial civilizations, ancient gastronomy and stunning landscapes in their purest form.

These new tourism promotion efforts aim to connect with travelers in key CATA markets with a tourism offering that stems from a deeper and more contemplative view. The goal is to enhance the quality of multi-destination, true to its essence, as well as unique experiences in a true tropical paradise.

Every corner of Central America and the Dominican Republic brings stories of ancient civilizations back to the present. Currently, the region is home to about 65 different indigenous peoples, who occupy approximately 40% of the land and sea surface of the isthmus. True guardians of their millennia-old customs, they allow tourists to live an experience in the natural spaces with a lively culture.

Central America and the Dominican Republic are home to 12% of the planet’s biodiversity, with natural formations being the world’s most representative source of ecotourism. The region has the world’s second largest barrier reef and a volcanic mountain range with over 100 volcanoes; Ideal scenarios for rafting, sand boarding or diving.

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), outdoor activities, nature-based experiences and community tourism have been rated as the main attractions for travelers in 2022.

Central America and the Dominican Republic expect a recovery in tourism which, according to estimates by the World Tourism Organization, should reach its highest level during the third quarter of the year. In this sense, CATA continues to work on increasing the region’s presence in the international markets, through a renewed offer, capable of meeting the expectations of travelers in the post-COVID-19 tourism revitalization phase and thus moving forward. sector.

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