directly. Presidency: Nicolas Dupont Aignan interrupts his campaign clip “to wake up the French”

News, interviews, polls, small sentences, decoding … Live broadcast of the news of the 2022 presidential election through live broadcast on Thursday, April 7th.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan interrupts his campaign clip

On Thursday morning, viewers who watched the new campaign clip for Nicholas Dupont Aignan received a small surprise. While the Sovereign candidate chanted “With me, choose freedom,” his video clip was abruptly cut referring to the cut-off of the television. In the meantime, a message appeared: “Let’s turn off our TVs, turn on our minds, and above all … let’s vote!”

In the final hours, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan doubled the blows for communication. He announced during a meeting organized in the 5th arrondissement of Paris You want to make Professor Didier Raoult Minister of Health.

Faith Professions: The Last Will Come

On this Wednesday, April 6, only 22 million messages were distributed, which corresponds to less than half of the electorate in France. Nothing to worry about, however, according to the National Campaign Monitoring Committee. “At this time, over 45 million folds have already been collected by the Post Office, or 94% of the total, collections that will be completed this evening,” she said in a tweet on Twitter. “The mentioned distribution deadlines for the 2022 presidential election are in line with the deadlines that are normally met, Subject to the regulatory deadlines.

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Yannick Gadot: ‘The green vote is a powerful vote’

7/9 guest from France Inter This Thursday morning, environmental candidate Yannick Gadot rejected the argument of a beneficial vote. He said: “Since he entered the election campaign, Marine Le Pen has never been very high. If you think Jean-Luc Mélenchon is the best, vote for him. But today, no vote gives the second stage. Honestly, what has Mélenchon’s vote built on in five years? The green vote has built the European climate agenda and cities run by ecologists. The green vote is an active vote. This is not a vote for fun !

Marine Le Pen: “85% of the French want there to be no more headscarves on the street”

Sabah RTL guest, National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen spoke about the issue of wearing the headscarf in public. She said before she mentions imposing fines tomorrow they will be banned. It is completely workable. It is a measure demanded by the French. 85% wish there were no more headscarves on the streets. They are aware that over the past twenty years, Islamists have used the hijab as a uniform and as a demonstration of the progress of fundamentalism.”

Pensions: Emmanuel Macron wants to act fast

Emmanuel Macron wants pension reform quickly
MAXPPP – Julian Mattia

In a river interview published Wednesday evening on the website of our colleagues from Figaro, the president’s candidate returned to the major projects he would like to tackle if re-elected for a second term. The least we can say is that Emmanuel Macron wants to be fast. “I want to launch major projects in Schools, Health, Retirement, Independence and Justice from the first year, progress. For pensions, there will be a consultation phase with the social partners. I wouldn’t do it with a prescription. But the mandate is clear, I defined it with all transparency. It should be next fall. “

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