Departure from Clohars, sailing tour of the islands south of Brittany – Kimberley

Everything was put into place very quickly to allow the Tour des Îles de Bretagne-Sud to see the light of day. This regatta project is being carried out by International Sports Events Consulting (Isec), a company tasked with developing mass sports, on the sidelines of the Olympic Games in Paris, in 2024. At its head, Eric Le Lustick, an expatriate from Lorient for several years in China Returning at the dawn of the health crisis. The project is supported by the city of Clohars-Carnoet, the community of Quimberley and the Brittany region.

About ten crews are scheduled to take part in the sailing tour of the southern Brittany Islands, which will depart from the Grands Sables beach, in Le Pouldu, on Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 May. They will compete for Diam 24. (Archives Le Télégramme)

Development of sailing practice in Clohars

“We want to reconnect with the boats. Since the establishment of the surf school, the offer has doubled but in terms of sailing, the practice has not developed in the same way”, laments the mayor of Clohars, Jacques Gullux. So when Isec offered him this regatta project, he immediately agreed to host the event in the city. “We would like there to be a more important practice, especially for young people and to develop it beyond leisure / school, the first city councilor errs. This race will allow the Quimperlé community to shine on the field.” The Isec team recalls that what facilitated the organization of this event, in just two months, was the European City of Sport tag, which was recently acquired by the municipality.

By hosting this race and developing the practice of sailing, the city here sees a way to create a model of sport practice that can then be expanded to other sports.

Dozens of kits

For this regatta, eight to twelve crews are expected. The French, the Danes and the Belgians “and discussions are underway with a team from Oman,” the director notes.

The crew including a name known to the general public, Frances Guyon, record holder for the Jules Vernes Cup. The races will take place aboard the Diam 24 OD and depart from the Grands Sables Beach: “Spectators will be able to watch the race from the coastal track,” declared Eric Le Lustik. Within the crews, three people will be present at a time. They are scheduled to arrive at the site with the assembly of the boats and the installation of the village on Thursday 5 May.

Spectators will be able to access the race from the coastal track

On the first day, Friday, May 6, the boats will make an episode that will take them to Glennan. On May 7, the course will set out at Clohars, Larmor-Plage and Le Fort Bloqué, then ships around the island of Groix. Sunday, May 8, it will be in the form of “At the Harbor,” along the coast. “Every day, departure is scheduled for 11am and arrival around 5pm (Sunday, 3pm, editor’s note). But this may vary depending on the strength of the wind,” explains Serge Roux, Director of Marine Activities for the event.

On May 6, 7 and 8, 2022, the Brittany Islands Tour will take place.  Dozens of crews will participate in these three days of racing, starting with Le Pouldu.
Dozens of crews will participate in these three days of racing, starting with Le Pouldu. (Telegram / Elodie Chalander)

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