Deem talks about the release of his documentary

The former rapper has given two interviews, with Le Parisien and Brut, while the documentary about her story is shown in Cannes on Thursday.

Rare words. Just before the documentary is shown Welcome At the Cannes Film Festivalwhere she told herself, former rapper Diem gave an interview to Parisian And another for Brut, posted this Thursday. She credits him in particular with her conversion to Islam, and the difficulties she faced in living her success on stage or even on music.

“I have really found peace,” confirms the artist today, who in the documentary evokes suicide attempts or even hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital.

Today, very far from the music scene, the woman who became a mother lives in the United Arab Emirates. “Music news doesn’t interest me,” she says, asserting that she will not return to this world despite the spoken texts in the documentary, excerpts of which were aired in a trailer this week.

“For me, it’s not music, it’s a cappella scripts that I recorded because I wanted to talk directly to people. And my producers made a musical. But today, really, that’s not my world anymore,” she explains to Parisien.

Deem, “Miracle”

Deem also looks at his conversion to Islam. And while the pictures of her wearing the hijab have raised many questions for several years, she assures us that prayer “benefits her” and takes the opportunity to tell us about her relationship to religion.

“Hijab is something you all see, but it is a step in a journey, where there is also prayer, Ramadan… to feed the orphan (with his association Big Up), to pray, whether I shut up or wear the hijab, these are practices that allow me to get closer to God and get closer to life” . Diem asserts that had she not “opened the Koran one evening on a beach in Mauritius”, she would have been “really drained”.

In an interview broadcast on the Brut channel, today she is considered a “miracle”. “I, usually I’m dead,” she explains.

Burkini “Not Subject”

In response to a question about the burkini, which has appeared in the news in recent days due to a measure taken by the Grenoble city council, the former artist said: “For me, it is not a topic that comes back to make people forget and is full of things. At that time, I was really at the fore in politics, today I won’t ever be. (…) I’m far from it and claim the right not to talk about it.”

Today, Deem lives above all else on income from her albums. She also owns the Big Up Foundation that helps an orphanage in Mali. His agency, Hegire, which was to organize the pilgrimage to Mecca is “latent” for the time being, but could return. The documentary will be shown in theaters for two days on July 1 and 2, before being broadcast on the BrutX platform.

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