Decathlon aims to achieve a more “sustainable” turnover

The Decathlon brand started renting sports equipment. So far, there are five target sports: cycling, camping/trekking, kayaking/paddle boarding, skiing, and fitness. Goal? Be more sustainable.

After-sales online, used and home appliance repair, Decathlon He adds a new series to his arc: Sports Equipment Rentals.

“Decathlon’s goal is to reach 5% of business volume from sustainable sources in 2022, i.e. repair, leasing and second-hand materials. We want to reduce our CO2 impact by 53% by 2026 and reach Carbon neutrality by 2030‘,” explains Quentin Govart, rental leader at Decathlon Belgium.



Decathlon wants to reach 5% of its sustainable turnover in 2022, which is repair, leasing and used.

This rental service offers the brand an advantage Get to know their products better in durability, strength and repair.

Ultimately, Decathlon dreams of seeing new sales cuts in favor of second-hand or rental items. This quest for sustainability is also reflected in the manufacture of textiles and materials using Reduce your carbon footprint by 10%. “We want to enter into a virtuous circle for all of our products with one goal: to reduce the natural resources used.”

At the moment, the sale of used bikes with a Decathlon warranty is gaining momentum. Decathlon now also buys courses leasing companies.
Second hand “textiles” take on such a volume at a lower speed.

From rent to subscription

Rent aims so far 5 sports: Biking, camping/trekking, kayaking/kayaking, skiing and fitness.

It is implemented today in 72 hours for a period ranging fromOne day to three months. Decathlon is also considering developing subscriptions. In France, this service is already possible to rent children’s bikes.

Checkout is done at the store, or even by home delivery of important parts. And what about the price? Decathlon mentions a price ranging from 2-10% of the sale priceWith the advantage of long-term leases.

permanent partner

You will operate rental service Logistics team of 4 people. However, the team must grow quickly.

Finally, the rental equipment will be taken care of nectari To check and clean between each rental. This association in Puurs employs people with disabilities or those who are far from the labor market. Its staff will therefore be based at the Decathlon Center in Willbrook.

It is the younger generations in particular that may be inclined to rent rather than buy.

In fact, according to a survey of more than a thousand people, One in three Belgians He will be interested in subscribing to the rental of sports equipment. It is the younger generations in particular that may be inclined to rent rather than buy.

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